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100 % Australian ugg bootserror status: 400California (Santa Cruz, California), and the San Fernando Valley (San Fernando Valley) started selling ugg boots purchased in the competition for surfers in Australia (Australia). These shoes are like surfers who want to keep their feet warm on land, but she liked and visionary businessmen. Seeing the growth trends in sales of sheepskin in the United States ,error status: 400During his first season, they sold 28 pairs of shoes. In 1979, Smith purchased from Jensen part of the company. With the growth of sales, Brian opened the company `Ugg Holdings Inc` (then ` UGG Australia` or simply `UGG`) in 1985, which was acquired in 1995, the corporation ` Deckers Outdoor` and left her division today.`UGG Australia` touted worldwide as a unisex brand, but for a long time is of interest only in women. Sheepskin Boots have become increasingly popular since the early 2000s. The star community in the United States ugg first shod Pamela Anderson (Pamela Anderson), Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Kate Hudson (Kate Hudson). However,Pamela gave up his boots in 2007, when I learned that they are made from animal skin. Hoping to attract the men, `UGG` brand launched an advertising campaign featuring a quarterback out of the club ` New England Patriots`, Tom Brady (Tom Brady), in 2012.

Due to the fact that Ugg boots are quite simple and inexpensive to manufacture,and the price is quite high, they have become a popular target for counterfeiting. According to the department of protection of the brand `UGG` corporation ` Deckers`, in 2009, it was closed in 2500 fake sites, eliminated 20 thousand. Ads on eBay and has about 150 thousand. Items in Internet auctions. In total, only 2009 minutes customs agents seized 60 thousand. ugg boots pairs of counterfeit.

Brand `La Cheapa` was selling sheepskin boots on the website of the Netherlands (Netherlands). The product is presented as ` a 100 % genuine Australian uggi`, with the logo ` UGG` on the heel ; boxes, virtually indistinguishable from the real package. `Deckers Outdoor` Corporation sued ,who supported the legitimacy of the brand `UGG` and pointed out that ` UGG` in Benelux Economic Union (Benelux) - is a well-known trademark, rather than a common name.

The newspaper `Evening Times` in Glasgow, Scotland (Glasgow, Scotland), in July of 2010 it was said that fake shoes just flooded the city. The article quoted Neil Kortarta ,error status: 400Picking up one of the pairs of counterfeit, Kortart added, ` I think most people would be very disappointed if bought these ugg boots and brought domoy`.

`Deckers` Corporation continuously monitors the use of ` UGG` the World Wide Web, using auctions and measures against websites that violate the right to use the trademark. In 1995-m `UGG Australia` company received 14.5 million dollars profit, and in 2008 -.. . 689 million dollars, and in 2012, sales had already exceeded the threshold of $ 1 billion..

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