Udo Kier

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Date of Birth: 10/14/1944

Age: 72

Place of birth: Koln

Citizenship: Germany


Unrivaled outsider who, playing scientists, aliens and vampires in films experimenting with human blood and sperm in kakom-to sense could be called "infernal mix" Alain Delon and Marlon Brando, its living embodiment in one person, but with a different charm.

Rhine handsome Udo Kier was born in Cologne, Germany. Due to its unusual appearance, it is quite early became the subject of harassment by classmates. Nothing to do but surrender. But that`s just ... he preferred to see himself in a female guise. Udo he dressed, handsome and called himself the "Dodo".

One very young and an unknown man by the name of Rainer Werner Fassbinder came to Cologne on business of his father. In the evening, he decided to go to the bar, where he met a handsome man or a beautiful woman, "Dodo" - fresh and beautiful, just like a full-blown rose bud. Kurt Raab as told about this meeting in his book "Passion Rainer Werner Fassbinder" (1982): "It was a memorable meeting with the young man, attachment to which he retained all his life, and which was later filmed in his films ... It was amazing handsome young man, and soon realized that money is better to make, offering your body not to individuals, and at once all -. through the movie Udo Kier much handsome and was engaged in the "time business" in the ladies` attire and both became for some time. inseparable pair ... "Dodo" as a girl to have fun and he as her pimp, "Notre Dame de Fleur" and it delivers the vna

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