Tyrone Bowd

Picture of Tyrone Bowd

Age: 25

Place of birth: Sydney

Citizenship: Australia

Men`s Issues: The scrotum the size of a watermelon

Tyrone Bode, 25-year-old Australian, became a victim of a rare disease, scrotal lymphedema caused by a blockage of the lymph tract. Due to the termination of the movement of lymph in the skin around the egg began to accumulate tissue fluid.

Over the past two years Bouda scrotum swelled to the size of a mango to watermelon proportions. Iz-za enlarged testicle to move the man harder day by day. Tyrone was repeatedly hospitalized with a bacterial infection caused by problems with the drainage function.

His mother, Tanya, continues to collect money for the treatment of his son in California (California), where patients with scrotal lymphedema help restore normal life. To travel to the United States, and appropriate treatment, a total need of 100 thousand dollars.

`Scrotum Tyrone does not cease to grow, - said Tanya. - He has to walk with legs apart `.

`Scrotum has fallen below the knee. She hits the calf when the son tries hodit`.

Tyrone - the eldest of four siblings. Even at a young age he was diagnosed with developmental delay and autism. The older will become Bode, the more help he`ll need.

Two years ago, his mother heard the child, washable in the shower, called for help.

Tanya says: `I saw his scrotum and said,` Forget about the soul. What happened to you? There is clearly something wrong tak`.

Scrotum son was swollen to the size of a mango. However, ultrasound at a local hospital does not shed light on the causes huge tumors.

The next few months the doctors were at a loss, just watching how the swell continues scrotum Tyrone.

`He could not wear his old pants - Tanya said. - We have one size to another. We had to look for shorts and trousers more and bolshe`.

`I am in my life seen such a scrotum the size of a watermelon, which is now my syna`.

Recently `hanging between his legs problema` Bouda was weighed, and scrotum weight was 5.44 kg.

Finally, after the mass of tests and checks in Australian diagnosed with scrotal lymphedema.

Because of problems with the drainage system at Tyrone a blockage of the lymph vessels, began to build up the tissue around the egg - and this led to the formation of tumors.

California urologist Dr. Joel Gelman, has been studying this condition, he said: `Scrotal lymphedema - a condition that develops gradually. Under the skin, testicular tissue growth begins. This leads to a significant proliferation of the skin and the penis pogruzheniyu` `under the skin, so that no egomozhno uvidet`.

`When a man progresses scrotal lymphedema, the swelling increases, it gradually loses trudosposobnost`.

`Over time, patients may lose the ability to walk normally, affecting the physical condition. It can also lead to emotional problems`.

Enlarged scrotum Tyrone led to his hospitalization with cellulitis, purulent inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue. Over the past 18 months iz-za bacterial infection in the deeper layers of the skin Bode lain in the hospital four times.

Penetration into the bloodstream of various microorganisms and their toxins can also cause septicemia - blood poisoning.

Positive mood, Dr. Gelman continues to believe that in the case of Bowden tumor has not grown enough to be inoperable.

`The good news is that his problem is not as significant as in our other patsientov` - Gelman said.

`I believe that the problem of Tyrone in our medical center in California are likely to be solved with a positive outcome `.

Mother Tyrone has to date amount to 60 thousand dollars. This helped her to a charity event to raise funds. In order to change the life of her son, Tanya still need to collect 40 thousand dollars.

`The scrotum becomes so huge, because of what the son suffers so much pain - Tanya said. - We just want to feel better Tyrone. We want to regain our former Tayrona`.

In September 2014 the media told the story of another patient with scrotal lymphedema.

Dan Maurer, 39-year-old resident of Battle Creek, Michigan (Battle Creek, Michigan), a former victim of the tumor, which weighed more than 4.5 kg.

He underwent a successful 14-hour operation, which helped him get rid of the tumor.

Maurer admitted that his illness was the cause of quarrels with his wife, 20-year-old Mindy. But after the operation life of the couple returned to normal. They were able to renew their sexual relationship.

According to medical information, scrotal lymphedema, also known as elephantiasis of the scrotum, more common in obese men.

In many cases, victims reported that visited a whole bunch of doctors who recommend them lose weight and chto-to talked about innovative treatment procedures using X-rays. However, as such, treating patients and we have not received.

Scrotal lymphedema is most amenable to surgery. In some cases, it may require skin grafts.