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Twisted sister

This New York quintet was formed in 1978 with the initial objective to become the antidote to the music of disco, which saturate the airwaves during the mid 70s.

A team of : Dee Snider (Daniel Snyder, p 15 March 1955, New York, USA ; vocals.) Eddie J. OJEDA (guitar) , Marc " Animal " Mendoza (bass) , Jay Jay French (guitar) and Tony Petri (drums) was influenced by the " Kiss " and Alice Cooper. This was particularly noticeable at concerts, where Snyder used various frightening masks and pyrotechnic effects. The music of "Twisted sister" combined sexually provocative lyrics and choruses with deaf superrigid metal rock`n`roll.

Before recording their debut album "Under the blade" Hey drummer took Pen - G. This disc, recorded on an independent label, "Secret" Atlantic records of the company, had good success in England.The band performed at the Reading Festival and participated in the " tube " television show in 1982. Bright stage shows and talented text development, most of which specifically affects the lives of teenagers, have been a major asset group in the development of its popularity.

The biggest success of "Twisted sister" was the album "Stay hungry",who broke into the Top 20 on both sides of the Atlantic. Downhole hit with this release was the song "I Am, I`m Me", which reached 18th place in the UK charts. "Come out and play" next album, the audience greeted pretty cool, and the tour in support was also fail. Three guitarists barely coped with the task entrusted to them ,with the result that the sound was not good quality.

Drummer Pero it`s not like, and he returned to the "Cities", which drummed up "Twisted sister". To replace him came Joey " Seven " Franco (ex - "Good rats").

Snyder tried to change the style of the band on a more melodic on "Love is for suckers". But the album was mertvorozhden ;Atlantic records broke a contract with them, and in 1987, the band broke up safely. Dee Snider with ex - Gillan guitarist Bernie Torm has created a new "Desperado" project. Subsequently, he was successful as a heavy metal DJ, and also wrote a book with lots of tips for teenagers. "Twisted sister" briefly reunited in 1998 ,to record a new song for the film "Strangeland".

Looking back in the days of fancy show with his old gang, Snyder concludes : " All this is nonsense flash and there `s something else and it has nothing to do with. ." Twisted sister "". However, after 14 yearsin late 2001 it was announced the revival of the group in its composition orinalnom led by Dee Snider.

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