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Year of birth: 2001

Age: 14Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Citizenship: United States


`TV on the Radio` -American art rock band formed in 2001 in Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn, New York); performs music of the widest range - from post- punk to electro and from jazz to soul. They released some pretty successful EP and four warm enough received studio albums. The group consists of vocalist Tende Adebimpe (Tunde Adebimpe),guitarist and keyboardist David Andrew Saytek (David Andrew Sitek) and drummer Kyp Malone (Kyp Malone); at the time of recording `Return to Cookie Mountain` they were joined by the drummer, vocalist and guitarist Jaleel Bunton (Jaleel Bunton) and bassist and keyboardist Gerard Smith (Gerard Smith).Most work on `TV on the Radio` influenced by Brian Eno (Brian Eno) and the group` The Pixies`; cover version belonged to latest song `Mr Grieves` became one of the first creations Adebimpe. The first disc` TV on the Radio` recorded on its own; while only Adebimpe and Saytek part of a group.Gaining the attention of the general public could not immediately; only in 2003, already in the company of Malone, the band managed to release a really successful record - `Young Liars`. Next was the band`s debut album, `Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes`; it was he who brought `TV on the Radio` their first music award,`Shortlist Music Prize`. A year later I saw the light of the second

EP group, `New Health Rock`. The third album, `Return to Cookie Mountain`, they recorded in 2006 ; before publication, he received a lot of positive reviews from a number of music publications - like` Pitchfork Media`. In July, the record appeared in the official sales;additional advertising it did participate in the recording of a number of stars such as David Bowie (David Bowie), `Celebration`,` Dragons of Zynth`, Martin Perna (Martin Perna), Gods Stuart (Stuart D. Bogie) of `Antibalas `,` Blonde Redhead`, Zener and Nick (Nick Zinner) from `Yeah Yeah Yeahs`. Day to advertise the record even more,the group visited the popular TV program `Late Show with David Lettermanom` (` Late Show with David Letterman`) kind of live video for the single `Wolf Like Me`, gathered on YouTube more than 1.5 million views.

The fourth album `TV on the Radio` released September 23, 2008 ; melodies were immediately laid out on the page group in MySpace -and almost immediately flowed over the internet. Critics took the team another record quite warm; `Rolling Stone`,` The Guardian`, `Spin Magazine`,` The Onion AV Club`, `MTV`

, `Entertainment Weekly`, readers ` Pitchfork Media` and regular criticism `Pazz and Jop` unanimously named it the best album ` goda`.

On September 3, 2009-of Tende Adebimpe officially announced that the group for the year goes on vacation. On September 22, 2009, Kyp Malone released his solo album - under the pseudonym `Rain Machine`.

August 24 of 2010 there was a record of another member of the group on the shelves of music stores, Saytek Dave (Dave Sitek)

February 7, 2011the `TV on the Radio` came from an extended vacation; it was officially announced that the attention of fans ochenskoro album `Nine Types of Light` will be presented. April 12, 2011 -first album went on sale; He was accompanied by hour film, which consisted of clips on the songs of the album;a kind of a bonus to the disc and the film was a set of interviews with the residents of New York (New York).

March 14 of 2011, it became known that the bassist, Gerard Smith, diagnosed with lung cancer. April 20th of 2011, it became knownSmith died;his former colleagues officially reported the incident on its website expressing its sincere condolences

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