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"Turtles" - one of the most interesting American pop groups of 60-ies, which harmoniously combines the voices of two lead vocalists - Howard Keylana (born June 22, 1947.) and Mark Volmana (born April 19, 1947.) .

These peers studied together in one of the Los Angeles-based schools, where they sang together in the choir. There Keylan amassed his first surf team, which subsequently joined and Volman. The band called "Crossfires" also included Al Nichol (guitar) , Don Murray (drums), Chuck Porz (bass) and Jim Tucker (guitar) . In 1965, they noticed the owner of one of Reb Foster clubs. Ensemble him very much, and Reb shouldered the managerial duties. It was during his participation group received a contract with the "White Whale Records".Signboards in this changed to "The tyrtles", but a little later corrected to "Turtles".

The first single was the composition of the group of Bob Dylan, "It Ain`t Me Babe", which became an instant hit and the best ranked in the US top five. Concerts under the groups were screams of enthusiastic fans. Once on the wave of folk-rock ,team has changed a little guidance and exchanged Dylan on " King of protest" Sloan, whose songs such as "Let me be" and "You baby" in her performance have also become hits.

TurtlesPosle this success, for unknown reasons, left the team just two - Murray and serving. Their places were taken by Jim Barbata and Chip Douglas. By the beginning of 1967 it seemed that the "Turtles" exhausted, but it was not there. Armed with a song by Gary Bonner and Alan Gordon "Happy together", they literally cracked the American charts for three weeks occupied the top spot. The composition can be named song of the year and inspired the writing team requested further material to the authors. Tandem Bonner Gordon did not disappoint and the three subsequent singles, "She`d Rather Be with Me", "You Know What I Mean" and "She`s My Girl", visited the US Top 20. At this point, "Turtles" left Chip Douglas,a person who was involved in an arrangement "Happy together". He preferred to work with the "Monkees", freeing the place Jim Pons (ex- "Leaves")

And after an unsuccessful tour of England, where it was necessary to act mainly in the second-class pubs, Jim Tucker left the team. Like many other groups of the late 60`s "Turtles" feelit is necessary to change the music, as the era of psychedelia. Puzzled by this question of its producers, the group nevertheless continued to adhere to the mainstream.

TurtlesV end of 1967, the guys without the help of any released "Sound Asleep", but this single failed and did not even hit the Top 40, which has not happened with "appy together" time.Concerned about the situation the label demanded that engaged in producing an individual, and then the "Turtles" was called to the aid of his former colleague Douglas. As a result, the situation has improved, and of 1968 "Elenore" in September, was in sixth place of the charts. And in November the same year, the group tossed on the shelves of a kind of " concept " album, "The Turtles Present the Battle of the Bands", which tried to imagine the sound of 11 different teams. Incidentally cover "Byrds", "You Showed Me", presented on this disc also took sixth place. After the release of the plate Barbata left to work with "Crosby, Stills & Nash", giving the drums at the disposal of John Sater.

"White Whale" tried to send a team into the mainstream "Monkees" -like, but musicians at that stage is more interested in the direction of which were "Kinks" with their "Village Green Preservation Society".The team tried to portray something similar to "Turtle Soup", but the plate is not brought him much success. This failure, plus problems with the label by 1970 led to the dissolution of the group. Only in 1984, Volman and Keylan typing yourself new colleagues revived sign "Turtles".

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