Trudy Glenister

Picture of Trudy Glenister

Age: 39

Citizenship: United Kingdom

British victim "not soon" Ambulance

Ambulance Trudi Glenister caused not because of excessive suspiciousness; severe abdominal pain along with vomiting badly frightened 38-year-old pregnant woman. The woman was afraid he might lose a child and that is why appealed to the emergency service. Alas, the result was not so, which employs expected - to help the woman arrived trainees. Glenister most inexperienced medical cost of living; only to convince a novice doctor to go to the hospital, it took about 40 minutes. Even when doctors still heed the requirements of women, siren, they did not include in his car.

Actions physicians from the outset looked frankly unprofessional. Despite the fact that the woman from the beginning quite clearly described to them the seriousness of the symptoms, for as much as 40 minutes, doctors tried a `nablyudat` her. From the outset, they flatly refused to believe that Glenister could become a victim of extra-uterine pregnancy, and that of her fetus does not develop in the uterus but in the fallopian tube. Do not managed by incompetent doctors recognize and internal bleeding. Time, meanwhile, flowed; soon because of internal bleeding in Trudi heart go haywire. From a stop Trudi Glenister heart and died - almost immediately after arriving at the hospital.

To study the case materials Coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray (Caroline Beasley-Murray) issued a verdict openly violent - in the activities of the emergency has been detected a number of serious errors. First of all, the coroner commented on the incompetence of the trainees who failed to recognize the truly emergency situation and to delay delivery woman to the hospital. By the time of arrival to the hospital Trudi Glenister has lost as much as 4 liters of blood - and help it was not possible. Avoiding the use of the blue flashing lights and sirens Murray also called a grave mistake. Finally, Murray noted that the medical students were clearly not properly prepared for such situations - in the manuals, which they did, ectopic pregnancy was devoted to a measly two paragraphs; the mere fact that such incompetent doctors generally sent to the challenges without more experienced professionals, the coroner seemed the most daunting.

He expressed his opinion on the incident and the sister of the deceased, Paul Chapman (Paula Chapman). According to her, the incident could have been avoided - but, alas, the service call 999 in the world today has become a real lottery. Chapman says that half of the ambulance crews in any way trained physicians are simply not available, and that it must either change the skoromvremeni or become available to the general public. Sounded Hollow facts are taken, alas, not the ceiling - emergency management confirmed that only half of the working crews attended by trained professionals in the night Glenister death.

Commented on the situation and themselves unfortunate physicians. One of them, Mark Nelmes (Mark Nelmes), said that the house Trudi they arrived at 7.29 pm; to 7.35 doctors began `nablyudenie` to 8.09 decided to take the patient to the hospital. From sirens and beacons, it was decided to give up, so as not to irritate `patsienta`. The ride itself lasted 15 minutes, but the ambulance still had some time to spend in line at the hospital itself - after arriving there earlier crews. At 9.58 Glenister Trudy died. Nelmes acknowledged that in this situation it do not have enough experience and knowledge - in particular, the knowledge of an ectopic pregnancy.