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Among the many teams follow the course laid "Black Sabbath", "Trouble" is one of the best. Her story began in 1979, when Eric Wagner (vocals) Rik Vortell (guitar) and Bruce Franklin (guitar) zadumali skolotit? sobstvennuu band. Voplotit Ideo helped them in life, Sean Makallister (bass) and Jeff Olson (drums) .

Start group was pretty standard in - Few concerts rodnogo suburbs of Chicago and execution kaverov vperemesku with its own material.The number of fans of "Trouble" was growing slowly, but the turning point came only in 1984, when "Metal Blade" included the track "The last judgment" in the compilation "Metal massacre IV".

Under the roof of the label group spent about four years, during this time releasing one EP ("Assassin") and three full-length album ("Psalm 9 ", "The skull","Run to the light"). Notwithstanding the above similarities with the "Black Sabbath", the musicians managed to create his own style, which they described as " white metal " (because of the presence of religion in the texts) .

TroublePrimerom "Trouble" can serve as a unique story aboutafter one of the concerts of the group went to the scene, James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett, to become familiar with the equipment configuration (as representatives of "Metallica" surprised " bad " sound) . In 1987 he changed the rhythm section - drums sat for Dennis Lesh and bass turned to Ron Holzner. This configuration has released only one album, after which the team lost the contract and in its studio operations came a long pause. Only in 1990, the band met with Rick Rubin and signed on his label "Def American". Rick produced a pair of albums for the group ,and both release received good reviews in the music press.

Incidentally, the "Trouble" and "Manic frustration" present a new drummer Barry Stern. In 1990, the team made the first sortie to Europe, where he took part in the most famous event called "Dynamo open air". Eindhoven area is so like Chicago Doumer ,they later visited the Festival (in 1993 and 1995) a couple of times more.

TroublePrimechatelny fact - every performance "Trouble" in the "Dynamo" included some cover. The first time the team paid tribute to the "Beatles", performing "Helter skelter", the second time sounded sebbetovskaya "Children of the grave",and the third time the musicians charged classic "Iron butterfly" - "In-a-gadda-da-vida". After the loss of the contract with "Def American" studio work stalled again, and only in 1995 by "Bullet" was released the next album, the record of which was returned Olson. But not everything went smoothly -tour in support of "Plastic green head" was terminated in connection with the departure of Eric Wagner. However, an official statement on the dissolution of the group was not followed, and subsequent years, the remaining musicians used to live performances sign "Trouble", hiring former vocalist "Exhorder" Kyle Thomas.

Only in 2002-m took place the reunion of classical composition of the team : Vortell, Wagner, Franklin, Holzner and Olson. Unfortunately, Holzner was soon forced to leave the band, and was replaced by Chuck Robinson. With the participation of a new bass player "Trouble" in 2003 we started preparing material for a new studio album, tentatively titled "Seven".

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