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Year of birth : 1979

Age: 36 years

Citizenship : United States

A short history of beautiful music

`Trio of Doom` -American jazz supergroup, founded in 1979 to attend the jazz festival in Havana, Cuba (Havana, Cuba), recorded just one album, but included in the history of jazz as one of the most successful experiments.

Music knows no boundaries ; at least until the moment when the borders do not create policy. Thus, in 1979-m, in the heart of Cuba`s capital opened a jazz festival `Havana Jam`, which came not only local and South American musicians, but also guests from the United States (United States), which, in turn, not only played a speech to the public, but that plagues the success of the experiment ,soon we recorded several additional songs in New York City (New York) and released their first album and the last. Despite the short history, the trio of American musicians went down in history and become an example of successful supergroup that acquires fame not because of the big names, but the experience, sound quality and its diversity.The group first appeared on the stage of 3 March 1979, the year, in the same evening jazz festival in the heart of Cuba. It is interesting that for many the emergence of the group came as a shock, because no one in their wildest dreams could have imagined that one day on one stage will join three such talent as Jaco Pastorius (Jaco Pastorius),John McLaughlin (John McLaughlin) and Tony Williams (Tony Williams). But - whether it be the will of the stars or happy event - the band really came on the scene at a wide-open eyes of jazz fans and played five songs. These five songs have become one of the most famous songs in their entire career.

Unlike many of the other groups ,Musicians did not focus on the joint sound, but solos each of the musicians. Such a decision not only to expand the freedom of the musicians, but gave them the opportunity to share with the public exactly what required a heart. Accommodations offer solo drum set by Tony Williams, according to critics ,one of the greatest drummers in the entire history of jazz ; It followed on the composition `Dark Prince`, which opened to spectators a great game McLaughlin ; followed by the fore Jaco Pastorius with the song `Continuum`, played on the bass guitar.

In his 25 - minute speech `The Trio of Doom` presented a completely different speech format ,adult game and impeccable musical taste. With over solo career, for this trio performance was by immersion in music as such, posed kem-to not one, but all together, a team where everyone contributes chto-to sound of their own, but it does not try to overshadow the rest. At the end of the five songs the musicians left the stage ,but we decided to record additional tracks in New York and to release the album as the first and last collaboration.

Despite the fact that the five songs were recorded on his return to New York, full album was released only in 2007, when neither Tony nor Jaco was no longer alive. The first five songs, performed in CubaIt was included in the video presentation, others five and kept in the studio, waiting for the right moment. Unfortunately, for many of the album it was more cause for sorrow - jazz lost its former glory, the musicians left this world, and the atmosphere of freedom and jazz, so typical of the Cuban capital, will forever remain cut off for American musicians. However album called `Trio of Doom`, received good evaluations from critics and fans, for whom he was sending from the distant past.

Many are wondering what would have happened if the band went on to play at whatever level lifted up their already perfect game - but that no one can know ,because even after a bright flash of talent it took almost 30 years to finally present the work to the public. What would happen, no one knows, but one thing is clear - no matter how short or was the story of the group one has left an indelible mark on the entire history of jazz - music without borders

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