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Citizenship: United States

The first openly gay serving director of the bank

Ten years Trevor remained an investment banker corporation `Morgan Stanley` and worked in New York City (New York), Los Angeles (Los Angeles) and London (London). He cranked operation for more than $ 50 ppb for major clients, including companies `Chipotle`, which helped win public recognition in 2006.

Burgess became managing director of Global Capital Markets, and held more than 100 investment banking operations, including the implementation of an initial public offering for the company `Chipotle`. He was a partner at the private equity firm `Artesia Capital Management`, which is engaged in investment in Brazil and the USA.

Burgess - the first openly gay, occupying the post of general director of the bank, subject to the rules of the New York Stock Exchange. His bank `C1 Financial`, based in St. Petersburg, Florida (St Petersburg, Florida), made proposals for the sale of securities totaling $ 44.7 ppm wide range of investors in August 2014.

When the bank `C1 Financial` applied for the Securities and Exchange Commission to resolve the first issue of shares, Burgess had to tell his sexual partner Gary Hess (Gary Hess) will be one of the owners of the shares. This once again proved true sexuality Trevor. Contents in the 1990 marriage Burgess and Hess are now living in St. Petersburg, together with her four-year daughter. In 2013, the company won the award Burgess `Ernst & Young` in the category` Entrepreneur goda`.

American LGBT organization `HRC` (` Campaign for cheloveka` right) noted in 2012 that the LGBT community is still faced with problems in the workplace. It was noted that none of the company where the CEO - openly gay, has never entered into the list of the Fortune 1000 ``. In addition, US companies in 29 states still have a legal right to dismiss employees if it turns out that they are gay. In the workplace, as practiced by hidden forms of prejudice against sexual minorities.

The former head of oil company `BP` John Browne said that homophobic corporate culture and the Company`s Board of Directors give rise to a situation in which accepted to keep the skeletons in the closet. Todd Sears, founder of the annual LGBT summit managers noted that executives typically do not dare to reveal his homosexuality, and the truth about their preferences emerges only after their death. In March 2014 in the newspaper `Wall Street Journal` was also told that the workers of the LGBT community, as a rule, continue to hide their true nature.

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Trevor Burgess photo
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