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Year of birth : 1996

Age: 19 years

Citizenship : United States


The idea of creating this project belongs to the producer Paul O`Neill. Paul worked with the "Aerosmith", "Omen", "Metal church", but the best alliance emerged from his "Savatage", whom he helped in the creation of powerful concept albums. Working with "Savatage" on the rockoperas prompted O`Neill to the idea that the implementation of this genre need to have a group with a "floating" staff.

In particular, this idea concerned vocalists, as in an opera is usually a lot of characters and perform their role should be different people.

Thus, simultaneously solved another problem - a mixture of styles in one piece,because it is not always possible it would be to find someone who performs with equal mastery of rhythm and blues numbers, themes and Broadway classics.

Trans-Siberian orchestraOdnako Paul needed and permanent assistants, and he chose his collaborators Robert Kinkel and Jon Oliva, which had long-standing ties. And so,when the core of the group was assembled in 1996, was born the project "Trans-Siberian Orchestra". The first album, "Christmas eve and other stories", has become extremely popular in the United States. Interest fueled by constant American tours, resulting in disc sales rapidly crossed for the gold mark.The second creation " Trans-Siberian Orchestra ", as well as the first, was dedicated to the Christmas theme.

"The Christmas Attic" also quickly took gold abroad, while the circulation of "Christmas eve and other stories" is inexorably nearing platinum. Nerozhdestvensky first album "Trans-Siberian Orchestra" was released in 2000. "Beethoven`s last night" is a conceptual work and talked about the last day of Ludwig van Beethoven in the world and about his meeting with Mephistopheles.

Trans-Siberian orchestraMezhdu the touring business was in full swing and almost all the group`s concerts were sold out. Then Paul O`Neill decided to bespretsedntny States to move - he scored additional number of musicians and vocalists, the team divided into two parts and gave a simultaneous touring different compositions "Trans-Siberian orchestra" on the western and eastern coasts of the United States. I must say that the idea was a success and all visitors were satisfied with the concert. In 2004, O`Neill companions returned to studio work and Christmas themes. The new album, "Lost Christmas Eve", in the first week of sales sold over 32,000 copies and debuted at the 26th position in the charts "Billboard". By this time the "Christmas eve and other stories" has already become double platinum. Pursuit of new disk full " Christmas package " was released, "Christmas trilogy", published in CD format and on DVD.

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