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Classical representatives of mainstream rock, a team from San Francisco under the modest name Train to success was slow but steady.It really was like a small, but very persistent train that, overcoming all obstacles, low-gradually rises to the top of the mountain, which seemed completely unattainable.

Classical representatives of mainstream rock, a team from San Francisco under the modest name Train to success was slow but steady. It really was like a small,but very persistent train that, overcoming all obstacles, gradually rises to the top of the mountain, which seemed completely unattainable. Count rock band Train of life began in 1994. The very fate of the owner drove a pleasant voice Patrick Monahan (Patrick Monahan) from his native town on Lake Erie, Pennsylvania,in the bustling Los Angeles. It was at the end of 1993 year.In the city of angels Monahan met with the same young adventurer Rob Hotchkiss (Rob Hotchkiss), a singer and guitarist in one person, who had by this time to pass the initial survival of the school as a part of group of Apostles.In men found so much in common that the idea to create a group that is in the number two man, I come of itself. So Monahan and Hotchkiss, having two voices and one guitar (in the style of Simon & Garfunkel), are in San Francisco, where as the acoustic duo playing at small clubs and cafes.

But over time,the musicians became close in the duo format, and then came to the aid of comrades Rob Hotchkiss for Apostles last group - bassColin guitarist Charlie (Charlie Colin) and another guitarist Jimmy Stafford (Jimmy Stafford). And last joined by drummer Scott Underwood (Scott Underwood), a good friend of bassist. So the duo grew to a quintet,and future star locomotive Train got back on track.From the beginning, the musicians decided to hurry and quietly and steadily develop their own sound.

Oddly enough, but this supported them and the Columbia record label, which was very interested in the young team. In order to meet the request of musicians,the company`s management transferred them to the jurisdiction of its sub-label Aware Records, to Train could "grow" in a natural way, without any haste and pressure. This policy went Train only benefit.

From the first steps in the group so it happened that all five musicians took active part in the writing of new material.And run in his works in public as often as they would like and intensively as possible. A few years went on playing concerts throughout northern California, where the team took with interest. Train liked and has promoted many colleagues the shop, so to open their concerts they trusted Hootie & the Blowfish, Dave Matthews Band, Collective Soul,Better Than Ezra, Cracker, Big Head Todd & the Monsters, Neville Brothers.

Of course, not everything went as smoothly as we would like. When in 1996, the quintet came to New York to show their achievements guide the Columbia, they have not made the proper impression. I had to return to San Francisco and with redoubled zeal to continue the work. "We decided that perhaps they were right - reasoned later Monaghan -. We had to change much in the group I personally became a different attitude to life, to work, constantly asking myself, what can I do to get better as the right to. build a relationship with the musicians, with friends, with my family. "In 1997 ,Train were ready for the first big tour, yet as a support team from groups such as Blues Traveler, Barenaked Ladies and Counting Crows. They definitely aroused sympathy among fans of classic rock. In this group see firsthand when sold out concert held in one of the most prestigious halls of SanFrancisco`s Fillmore Auditorium.Before their debut album was only one step. Producing their first record I was engaged Curtis Mathewson (Curtis Mathewson) with the ongoing participation of the whole team. In February 1998, their first-born "Train" was released on the label Aware / Columbia. Headed expressive vocalist Patrick Monahan,team presented a selection of songs in the genre of classic rock with beautiful pop melodies and strong guitar foundation. Little awareness of their existence the audience left the album with little or no attention. A band in the meantime the projectile in a long road.At their disposal was a "dodge" in 1987 and the release of a small red trailer to boot.Almost two years they traveled across America with such equipment.

In the fall of 1998 in a series of broadcasts "Party

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