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Place of birth : Los Angeles, USA

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Todd Shaw

Original name: Todd Shaw


Too Short is a relic of the rap and one of the most successful and famous MC in the history of black music. Its wheels are always sold out could not be successful, which ultimately affect its conceit.

Too Short - Life is short, small world. .."Fuck" is the dirty word of the English language, for a long time and thoroughly settled in rap records around the world. In oklandskogo legendary rapper Too Short is another bad habit : since he can remember, he always abused obscene word "bitch". Oh, these men, whatever they are doing, whatever you do - all for the sake and in the name of women. . !Too Short is a relic of the rap and one of the most successful and famous MC in the history of black music. Its wheels are always sold out could not be successful, which ultimately affect its conceit. In his song "I Is not Trippin `" Too Short makes it clear that his rap like a black is not less than hundred-dollar bills ,and it`s hard to argue, looking in music directories, which shows the exact sales figures Too Short records. But wait, have you ever seen a humble Negro ?!

Todd Shaw (Todd Shaw) was born in Los Angeles, after his parents had " flown " immediately after graduating from college, but grew up in Oakland, industrial neighborhood of San Francisco. His first steps on a musical path he did, becoming a drummer in the school band called LOL in 1981.

Todd`s family lived in unpleasant living conditions in the poor East Oakland, and his room often became Man for the studio. In this tiny studio doing rap Shaw and his school friend Freddie Bi (Freddy B = Fred Benz),invented a unique of its kind marketing plan to spread its creations and good earnings. The genius of their undertaking was in full cooperation commerce and freedom of action. Anyone from the street could look into their studio and asked to write a song in a short time about himself, about his life, etc.Two young novice rappers guarantee that the next day the same person could come back to them at the light and take a 30-minute tape with a first-class rap. For their services they took 10 tanks, that is, "five" on the nose. He was then 14-15 years.In 1983, Todd under the nickname Too Short (this phrase sounded in unison with his name and surname and also emphasized his modest by the standards of the male growth), or Short Dog, recorded his first album "Do not Stop Rapping". Rap then make a few musicians, and in Auckland Too Short name was immediately pass from mouth to mouth. Three years later, he released his second album "Born To Mack", which has become the gold, and then all his future work invariably became platinum and multiplatinum even that sounds fantastic with regard to rap music. Any teenager who grew up in East Oakland, knows his music. After he had, and MC Hammer, and Paris,and DIGITAL UNDERGROUND, THE CLICK and even with the E- 40, but their achievements paled alongside with glory, inherited Too Short. It is a pet and a superstar of the local audience, the legend of Oakland. With regard to and from the American obscherepperskoy competition, the only Ice Cube and LL Cool J have similar recognition, as a solo artist ,which under the force to keep the sale of their CDs for at least half a million boundary.

And do not try to shame and blame him for the commercialization of rap music. Any rapper will tell you that his most cherished dream was and will be a personal account in the bank a large sum, to be able to live happily, show off and do a rap. Someone gets rich on drug trade, then Rapp about it and waiting for fame and more money for it ; someone engaged in an illegal and other slings mud of their colleagues who make money purely to rap when he can not. Too Short at the outset linked his life with rap, so much so that it became his job. But for the work, as you know ,pay. ..

As a person, Too Short - very contradictory. This is an extraordinary personality with the manners of the common man. He has a lot of money, he is a multimillionaire, but he lives very simply, but can not afford a lot of frills. That and unusual. Remarkable process of creation of his songs. They are born in an atmosphere designed for prehistoric tomb of a Egyptian pharaoh studio where painting hanging on the wall with a picture on it of chocolate girl in a white lingerie in his right foot which is visible tattooed "Beeeeyach". In 1990, in an interview with "BAM" Too Short admitted that the signature dish of his songs ,the word "bitch", never left his language from an early age and was first established itself in times of Freddy Bee " obschakovskih records. " At first they had fun in the introduction to this song, repeating this word countless times. Then they began to stretch it (that is trying to use it in a singsong voice) . Imagine their surprise ,when he came to one of the clubs, they saw : they are boring antics on one word is more than used by DJs and the audience was raging. Since then, Too Short scored their albums tracks on the knots with up to two -thirds, and hung in his studio surreal portrait of a certain lady.

The other main theme ,riddled with almost all creations Too Short, are prostitution and gangsterism. " Many teenagers Auckland - managed to Todd says - parents or relatives were uncle and some still are gangsters and pimps. " He himself was aware of all of these cases right from childhood. "Even at school we had our prostitutes and their pimps. And I almost became one of them. " Still, this guy needs to be distinguished audience figures Todd Shaw and Too Short." No matter what I say or do when composing rap. The main thing to remember that I`m at work. It is not always the events that I sing in my songs are my personal experiences. "How Too Short was able to become famous and make a damn bunch of grandmothers ? It was in 1988-89. Short Dog had just finished touring in America with N.W.A., when suddenly the States spread the rumor that he was shot. No one knows where the information originated (perhaps this is another ingenious trick of Todd) but thanks to this scandalous news of his album, supposedly prophetically called "Life Is. .. Too Short", became a huge demand and managed to disperse more than half a million copies. Todd could only sit quietly at home and listen to the radio a memorial to himself, where DJs sang diferamby him and twisted his new songs ,calling them brilliant and prophetic. Can you imagine what success enjoyed his next album, which seemed to raise him in the minds of the people, and at the same time secured it there for the next decade ! But Too Short not just playing on the listener `s feelings, it appeared to him as a rapper and a pioneer. Remind me, pleasewho himself would have played more of repperskoy bratvy programmed keyboards and electronic drums to your songs?

Three years ago, the sun and Todd exchanged frantic pace California comfort and tranquility of Atlanta. Despite numerous statements, he continued to write and successfully sell their albums and regularly appear on the drives of other rappers. And only he is more or less calmed down in the last year. " I am already 30 years old - said Todd -. I have amassed a huge fortune named Too Short, recorded 10 albums Now I`m going to start a new business Unlike other I can quit their job you ever heard of a rapper who.. . I would be able to engage with Rapp ? " We do not know for sure,whether he was joking or serious, but, as he put it, his caravan after a long exhausting way finally ended up in the desert dusk. It`s time to rest, gain strength. What`s the next sandy hill, no one knows. Perhaps another one, but it is possible that not just another mirage, a cool oasis, a paradise on earth ,where travelers destined to remain until the end of his life. According to the same Shaw, it may continue to move forward, if it really want his fans. ..

In the meantime, listen and enjoy the new compilation from Too Short "Nationwide", where, in addition to well- known songs of the rapper, and has registered several new rooms. The album, released on May 19It worked a lot of the younger stars of contemporary rap, which sheltered Todd Shaw on his own label Short Records. There are many "biiiiiiiitchies", but basically it is the male contingent.

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