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Group "Tommy James & The Shondells", who performed a lightweight form of rock and roll ,during his short career gave birth to fourteen hits, visited the Top 40. Thomas Gregory Jackson was born on April 29, 1947 in Dayton (Ohio) , but spent his childhood in Niles (Michigan) .

To the music of Tommy joined in three years, when the grandfather gave him a ukulele. Ten-year boy stepped over the threshold have with this guitar ,and in 1959, he amassed his first band, "The Tornadoes". The original composition of the group apart from Tommy entered Larry Coverdale (guitar) , Larry Wright (bass) , Craig Villenyuv (piano) and Jim Payne (drums) .

The boys played at dances and parties, and, despite his young age, to earn enough pocket money. Having a good (albeit local) success, James and the company in 1962, we tried to release the first single, "Judy". The album did not make much of an impression, and the band returned to his concerts on the dance floor. It took another two years before a local DJ suggested guys make entries on his freshly baked label "Snap Records".Tommy James & The ShondellsIz four tracks recorded "Tommy James & The Shondells" (now known as a group) , only one was a success. It was a song by Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich "Hanky Panky". Unfortunately, it is not widely used outside of Niles and frustrated in their attempts to rekordingovyh team soon disbanded. What was surprising James when two years later he received a call from Pittsburgh. It turned out that a couple of copies of "Hanky Panky", published another "Snap", got to there the DJs and those hyped song to its fullest. For the case come from bootleggers, and the audience longed to see artists live. Since the original composition by the time the gathering was impossible, Tommy flew to Pittsburgh and took one himself, accompanied by local band "Raconteurs", immediately renamed "Shondells".

In the new configuration "TJ & TS" entered guitarist Joe Kessler, keyboardist Ron Rosman, saxophonist George Magura ,bassist Mike Vale and drummer Vinnie Petropaoli. Magura soon disappeared somewhere, and Petropaoli and replaced by Peter Kessler Lucia and Eddie Gray. Concerts "Tommy James & The Shondells" is now collected thousands audience and literally within a month the band signed with the New York firm "Roulette Records".

Tommy James & The ShondellsLetom 1966-of the song "Hanky Panky" became a national hit, and its success was reinforced by the release of the eponymous full length, made up of other people`s soul hits. Slightly worse than the situation was with singles, and only the fourth attempt the group managed to break into the top ten. Great help in the production of James had hits producers Ritchie Cordell and Bo Gentry ,and "I think we`re alone now" largely because of them albums, "Something special" and "Mony Mony" gained platinum status. In 1968, "Tommy James & The Shondells" became one of the first groups have tried long before MTV to make a video for their song ("Mony Mony").Since 1969, Tommy James and the company started to do writing and producing their material. The first step in this direction was a success, and the album "Crimson & Clover" became the most sold in the catalog "Roulette Records".Even experiments with synthesizer "Moog" and bias in the psychedelic on the next drive, and did not spoil the picture only showed outstanding creativity "The Shondells". In 1970, the band released the album "Travelin`", which many consider the best in her discography. However, soon after its release, James has decided to pursue a solo career ,a signboard "Tommy James & The Shondells" ceased to exist.

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