Tommaso Campanella

Picture of Tommaso Campanella

Date of Birth: 09/05/1568

Age: 70

Place of birth: stignano

Citizenship: Italy


He was born in Calabria, in early youth entered the Dominican order, but soon discovered a great free-thinking in religious matters, he incurred the hatred of theologians and had to leave their homeland. In 1598, he returned to Naples, he was captured along with several monks and put on trial on charges of witchcraft and in the drafting of a conspiracy to overthrow the Spaniards and the entire existing system with a view to the proclamation of the republic. Subjected to repeated torture, he was sentenced inquisitorial tribunal to life in prison and spent 27 years in prison, until the intervention of Pope Urban VIII was not released in 1626 end of his life Campanella held in France, where he received a pension from Cardinal Richelieu. His last essay - written in Latin poem in honor of the birth of the Dauphin, the future Louis XIV.


Most of the essays written by Campanella them in jail and later published through the efforts of his pupil, Adami. Its political and economic views Campanella presents in