Tomas Venclova

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Date of Birth: 09/11/1937

Age: 79

Place of birth: Klaipeda

Citizenship: Lithuania


The son of Lithuanian poet Antanas Venclova. During World War II, when his father, who was a high Soviet positions, was in the evacuation, he lived with relatives in Vilnius and Kaunas. Since 1946 he lived in Vilnius.

He graduated from Vilnius University (specialty of the Lithuanian language and literature; 1960).

One of the founders of the Lithuanian Helsinki Group (founded December 1, 1976).

In 1977, exiled from the Soviet Union. In exile, he maintained a close relationship with Joseph Brodsky and Czeslaw Milosz. Professor of Slavic Languages ??and Literatures at Yale University (USA).

Literary activity

He made his debut in print non-fiction book "The rockets, planets and us

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