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Date of Birth: 08/15/1962

Age: 54

Place of birth: Elizabeth

Citizenship: United States

One of the best chefs of today

Thomas Patrick Kolichchio born August 15, 1962 th, in the city of Elizabeth, New Jersey (Elizabeth, New Jersey). He spent his childhood at `plity` with his mother and grandmother. However, the idea of ??becoming a professional chef Tom tossed his father. Kolichchio learned to cook myself using `La Technique and La M & # 233; thode`, beautifully illustrated cookbook Jacques Pepin (Jacques P & # 233; pin), which were collected all about French cooking. In 17 years Kolichchio debuted on the big kitchen - restaurant `Evelyn`s Seafood Restaurant` in his hometown.

After the success of Thomas began to cook the famous New York restaurants such as `The Quilted Giraffe`,` Gotham Bar & Grill`, `Mondrian` and` Rakel`. When he was a chef `Mondrian`, magazine` Food & Wine` Kolichchio included in its list of ten `Best New Chef povarov` in the United States, while the newspaper `The New York Times` his restaurant awarded three stars .

In July 1994 Kolichchio with his partner Danny Meyer (Danny Meyer) opened restaurant `Gramercy Tavern` adjacent to the Gramercy district of Manhattan (Gramercy Park, Manhattan). This restaurant has become particularly popular among gourmets. In 1996, the restaurant critic Ruth Rachel (Ruth Reichl) gave `Gramercy Tavern` three stars and noted that` Kolichchio prepares with extraordinary confidence, creating dishes that feature bold and unusual taste garmoniya`. Culinary delights at the restaurant `Gramercy Tavern` helped in 2000 to earn Tom honorary award` The James Beard Foundation Award` in the category `Best Chef of New Yorka`.

A year later, one block south of the restaurant `Gramercy Tavern` Kolichchio opened` Craft`. Shortly thereafter, another restaurant critic William Grimes of `The New York Times`, praised the restaurant` Craft` three stars. In 2002, the new brainchild of Thomas received the award `The James Beard Award` in the category `Best restoran`, and the founder of the restaurant was awarded the prize of` American Food and Entertaining Award`.

Continuing development Kolichchio opened in New York `Craftbar`, and then` Craftsteak` entertainment complex `MGM Grand` in Las Vegas (Las Vegas) in July of 2002. In the fall of 2003 goraspahnul its doors `Wichcraft`, sandwich shop, which sold the same food and hospitality reigned the same as in the restaurant` Craft`. Today, sandwich shops Kolichchio has 14 locations in New York, as well as in the (San Francisco) Las Vegas and San Francisco.

`Craftsteak New York` and` Craft Dallas` were opened in 2006, and then in the summer of 2007 earned the restaurant `Craft Los Angeles`. In the fall of 2008 opened `Craft Atlanta` and another` Craftsteak` Hotel `MGM at Foxwoods`. During this period Kolichchio advised restaurants in private clubs such as `Liberty National Golf Club` in New Jersey,` Kiawah Island Club` in South Carolina (South Carolina) and `Doonbeg Golf Club` in Ireland (Ireland).

To date, Thomas has published three cookbooks. First, `Think Like a Chef` (approx.` Think Like a Chef povar`), won the prize `The James Beard KitchenAid Cookbook Award` in May of 2001. The second book, `Craft of Cooking` (approx.` Craft cooking pischi`), was published in October of 2003. Finally a book with recipes for sandwiches was presented in March 2009.

In January of 2010, Tom opened a restaurant `Colicchio & Sons`. In it, he began to improvise and to use ingredients that are purchased in bulk from small family farms and small producers. Restaurant `Colicchio & Sons` was also evaluated in a three-star critic Sam Sifton of` The New York Times`. In May of 2010, Thomas was once again received an award `The James Beard Foundation`. This time, it was named `Outstanding Chef povarom`, and this award is a kind of culmination of 30 years of hard work Kolichchio in the restaurant business. In October 2010, the restaurant `Riverpark` opened.

Wife Kolichchio, Lori Silverbush (Lori Silverbush), acted as director and producer of the documentary `place on stole` (` A Place at the Table`), which focuses on the `Amerike` underfed. Together with her husband she raised a serious question of hunger, which, however, according to Kolichchio solve much easier than the problem of climate change or terrorism. Kolichchio sure of the satiety of the nation state is responsible, in whose interests the power to improve the level of its cast.

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