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Infrequently energetic mix of pop, soul and hip - hop was presented in such a sexy, sweet package. Moreover and multiplied by three. Too different and bold characters Tion, Lisa and Rozondy guaranteed TLC very Neskuchniy life.

T-Boz, aka Tionne Watkins (Tionne Watkins), Left Eye, aka Lisa Lopes (Lisa Lopes), and Chilli,it also Rozonda Thomas (Rozonda Thomas), - those most mysterious T, L and the C, which gave the name of one of the most successful rhythm and blues bands that knew the American continent. Infrequently energetic mix of pop, soul and hip - hop was presented in such a sexy, sweet package. Moreover and multiplied by three. Too different and bold characters Tion,Lisa and Rozondy guaranteed TLC very Neskuchniy life. If at the beginning of the 90 girls attracted the attention of stylish music and warlike spirit, supported by a provocative outfits, then as career appeared more openly scandalous reasons to be interested artistes. Messy personal life, in every possible way to wash the press,reminiscent of a soap opera : arson, drugs, bankruptcy, serious illness, violent novels, endless scandals and quarrels, litigation, plucked concerts and multi-year pause between albums. Up until the final tragedy - the death of Lisa Lopes - which summed up a brilliant decade, lived by TLC on a musical Olympus.Start TLC were no signs of anything like this. In 1991, in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the many girls` groups under the name Crystal has experienced a great split. From the team went rapper Lisa Lopes (born 27 May 1971) and singer Tionne Watkins (born April 26, 1970) , who had their plans for the future.Lisa recently moved to Atlanta from Philadelphia. Yesterday the girl, who began to learn the piano at five years old, picked up music, great singing, writing stories and drawing cartoons on their own stories, in the end, decided to devote himself entirely to music. The same way and chose Tion,which a child began to sing in the church choir in his native Iowa, and has worked in Atlanta model, manicurist and hairdresser. Such a posh voice, soft, velvety and almost disappear the rough was not. Luck smiled at her friends immediately. Firstly, they quickly met with Rozonda Thomas (born February 27, 1971) another aspiring actress with a fantastic voice, which made them company, although started as a professional dancer. Another luck - familiarity with the local producer Dallas Austin (Dallas Austin), who decided to take up their sound, and well-known in the 80s rhythm and blues singer Pebbls (Pebbles), which became their manager.Chiefs quickly find and help the three girls to sign a contract with a new label LaFace. In 1992 the trio started with the album "Ooooooohhh. .. On the TLC Tip". Aggressive debut single "Ain`t 2 Proud 2 Beg" with his sexual visuals approved defiantly bright flashy image of the Trinity, has its own, very special style.Most attention fell on the share of Lisa Lopez. Justifying its nickname Left Eye (" left eye ") , she closed her left eye condom, thereby encouraging safe sex. Track "Ain`t 2 Proud 2 Beg" entered the top ten hits, clearing the track two more successful finalists Top 10 - "What About Your Friends" and the ballad "Baby-Baby-Baby " (hit # 2) . TLC sold two million copies of " Ooooooohhh. .. On the TLC Tip ", they clearly enjoyed success, but this glory was still far off. In order not to remain in the history of the next group of one album (and this is a direct the path to oblivion) , they had to do a great and serious work.

One of the useful components of Fame -the ability to get into the focus of public attention - the girls have mastered the five points. Especially distinguished Lisa Lopes. While TLC preparing their second studio album, Lopez was experiencing rapid and not very happy affair with a famous rugby player Andre Reason (Andre Rison). Shortly before the album singer publication venting accumulated resentment and frustration ,went on a desperate step, however, pre encourage myself a fair dose of alcohol. Lisa burned Reason posh house in Atlanta (apartment worth 860 thousand dollars burned down) and rastroschila several of his cars. Lawyers actress had to work hard to prove that the culprit - a bad drink ,which is so detrimental effect on their clients. What saved her and almost immediate reconciliation with her lover. Lisa Lopez condemned conditionally appointed a five-year probationary period, awarding a penalty and forced to undergo treatment for alcohol dependence.

Best promotion team and was not required. Long - play "CrazySexyCool" came out at the end of 1994,in the midst of the scandal, and has become one of the best sellers in `95. A few weeks later he rose to the top three US charts and has since sold over 11 million copies. Three TLC member remained still and penetrative sex, and album name binding,but to replace the prevailing violence of young forces came more restrained but no less self-assured maturity. Feeling valid actresses, Watkins, Thomas Lopez and much more actively involved in the writing of new material particularly excelled Lisa. The lead single, "Creep" at once led the pop charts and stayed for four weeks in a row at the top. Behind him still managed to finish three singles in the US Top 5 : "Red Light Special", "Diggin` on You" and finally, "Waterfalls", the biggest hit in the career of TLC, was leading the pop charts for seven weeks. TLC rose trendy group with its own style, mellow and expressive music videos, and incendiary live shows. 1995 was truly a year of TLC : their songs for months appeared almost in all the charts, the clips do not leave air music channels, and Grammy organizers decide which of the numerous nominations give them the palm. In the end, "CrazySexyCool" was named the best album of 1995 in the genre of R & B, and the single "Creep" -the best song of the duo / group with vocals. With the ceremony of MTV Music Awards trio took four awards for video "Waterfalls", and Billboard Awards organizers called TLC the best band of the year.

The same in 1995, along with the resounding success brought the band and the most serious problems. While their album bought up millions of copies ,TLC had to admit himself bankrupt with debts totaling more than $ 3.5 million. A fair share of that amount accounted for insurance payments Lisa Lopez for damages caused by fire her boyfriend. The girls were not happy and the fees that they paid label LaFace, especially after the success of "CrazySexyCool".Guide LaFace saw in these accusations ordinary desire to renegotiate the terms of the contract and any concessions was not going to go. The matter went to court, and began many years of judicial red tape. TLC in conflict not only with the label, but also with the managers, to break off relations with Pebbls. While fans have digested all of these events ,collapse on them the press, they waited another gloomy news. Tionne Watkins diagnosed cell anemia, which is so weakened her health, she often can be hard to go on stage.

All 1996 trio kept silent, trying to clean up the financial affairs and Watkins - to improve their health. When the summer of 1997 the girls finally opened a new session season, work quietly again failed. This time the blow was struck by the producer Dallas Austin, complained of understated fee. Public discussion of the conflict with the producer seemed all the more strange ,that Dallas has long been associated with the group is not only a business relationship : not long before he and Rozonda Thomas son. Lose producer, plays a huge role in shaping the sound TLC and giving him the most attractive appearance, it would be imprudent in every sense. Six months spent in the showdown with Austin ,and only in the beginning of the 98 - year deal with the third album headway. But not for long. In the summer of Lisa Lopes announced that it is working on his solo debut, and in parallel has undertaken to conduct an entertaining show on MTV. Tionne Watkins generally attracted to cinema and acted in the film HYIP Williams (Hype Williams) "Belly".She began to create her own clothing line, produced a book of poetry, thinking of producing young talent. The warming of relations in a team that does not contribute.

It`s been four years since the advent of multi-platinum album TLC "CrazySexyCool". All financial and legal troubles groupcoupled with the personal conflicts and work disorder, gave some " well-wishers " a reason to advance to bury the trio. But it was not there. In early 1999, on sale there was a long-awaited third Long-play "FanMail", which started in the charts at number one. The leaders of the charts immediately released and the first single "No Scrubs" (the future winner of the Grammy),sentence the men who do not meet the stringent requirements of the time (and women) . The first line of the chart was replaced by the next single "Unpretty", a favorite of the American press, aim their critical stinging at the unrealistic standards of female beauty, which are imposed by society for women and men in particular.Both singles kept the leading position, a total of seven weeks, than significantly pushed album sales. The American edition of "FanMail", received a Grammy for Best R & B- album of the year exceeded six million discs.

Meanwhile, the situation within the team looked like a volcano that only the part seemed peacefully asleep. By the end of 1999 yearwhen TLC was listed in the plans of the next tour, more or less hidden from prying eyes volcanic activity became public. Watkins and Thomas did not hide his indignation behavior Lopez, to push themselves to the fore. Lisa did not become shy and answered criticism last album TLC and counter offer to record solo albums, that everyone knew which one of them is worth. Although the conflict was quickly pay off, it was obvious that this world is not long continue. Lopez continued to promote his next solo debut ,describing a fantastic part of the invited guests. Watkins also began to prepare their own material, released a solo single, "My Getaway", and additional promotions served as her marriage to rapper Detrick Rolisonom (Detrick Rolison), aka Mack 10, and the birth of the child. The last in this race joined Rozonda Thomas ,all of the material for which Dallas Austin wrote. Lisa Lopes found another reason to stun their fans, when had disappeared for a week, missing even a press conference group. As it turned out, this time, she had a wonderful with her new boyfriend.

Yet in early 2001, TLC in full force met in the studio. Work on new material many times interrupted until Lopez was preparing a solo album, whose release was postponed several times, and then Watkins was in the hospital due to complications caused by anemia. In early 2002, Lisa Lopez signed a solo contract with a new label, Tha Row,which he had planned to release their debut "Supernova" under the name N.I.N.A. (New Identity Non-Applicable). However debut as N.I.N.A. she never had. In the spring she went to Honduras, a favorite vacation spot. Behind the wheel of the car she visited as crazy, as in life. Lisa lost control at high speed ,and the car overturned. All seven passengers escaped with bruises and scratches, most suffered Lisa, received a serious head injury. April 25, 2002 she died. She was only 30 years old.

Rozonda Thomas and Tionne Watkins undertook to finish the new album TLC, most of the work on which has already been done. In late 2002, the fourth disc TLC "3D" was ready. Members of the former trio dedicated to his memory of Lisa Lopez. The album that started the charts three relatively successful singles, "Girl Talk", "Dirty Dirty" and "Good Love", a loud musical event did not. But three platinum certificate from the time he appeared. Thomas and Watkins some time hesitated whether to continue alone TLC, but Lisa`s care dealt a fatal blow to the image group. Replace it seemed unthinkable. " There are groups that try to go on our way, there are record companies that artificially create a team like us, - he said once the Lisa Lopes -. But none of us will repeat. TLC - a rare combination of personalities between which flashes a special spark. "

A year after Lisa`s death the remaining participants played last performance TLC (the first time - without Lisa) at the traditional collecting Zootopia concert in New Jersey and put an end to the history of the group. At the end of 2003 came a selection of the best tracks ,also includes unreleased material.

Now Rozonda Thomas and Tionne Watkins busy preparing solo albums.

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