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This team is headed by Latin singer and guitarist Tito Larriva, especially well known for his participation in a punk band from Los Angeles ,"Plugz". Larriva was born in the Mexican town of Ciudad Dzhuares, but soon his family moved to El Paso, Texas.

There, in the school orchestra, he learned to play the violin and the flute. However, he likes a bit different music - idols of his youth were "Beatles" and "Sex pistols". After high school, Tito tried to go to university ,but then I dropped the case in the mid-70s he moved to Los Angeles where he beat in a heap of different punk bands such as "Flesh eaters", "Crusados" and "The impalas", and then organized the above-mentioned "Plugz".

In 1979 Larriva with the team released a record "Electrify Me". This was followed by several more releases, including "After Dark",then in 1990 the group was disbanded. From that moment Larriva undertook to write music for films and even in some places was filmed.

Tito & TarantulaV 1992 Tito teamed with a native of Los Angeles guitarist Peter Atanasov (ex- "Paul Butterfield Blues") and together they organized the project "Tito & Tarantula".For drums sat an old friend Tito - Johnny " Vatos " Hernandez. Group fairly quickly gained notoriety on the local club scene, and in the vicinity of his native city has become very popular. Film producer Robert Rodriguez has attracted a team to participate in the film "Desperado" and "From Dusk till Dawn" and even provided Larriva small roles in two films. Rodriguez also became the first disc producer group, "Tarantism", which was released in 1997 and is submitted to the sound of the so-called " Tex-Mex ".

The next release "Tito & Tarantula" was the "Hungry Sally and Other Killer Lullabies". On this album present rhythm and blues with gloomy lyrics.Tito & TarantulaV break between plates Larriva continued to work on music for films. During this period he nakropal soundtracks to tapes "U-turn", "The milliodollar hotel", "True stories", "Dream with the fishes" and others. And of course not without filming a movie. In 2000, "Tito & Tarantula" prodozhili delight people with their emotional rhythmendo - blues, releasing another LP, "Little Bitch". Although some secondary ideas of the album was done quite professionally. The fourth full-length group, "Andalucia", appeared on the shelves in spring 2002. The fourteen tracks that make up this CD ,They have all that you need a good album - dry rock sound with a dash of chic blues and psychedelic problems 70.

Starting with a beautiful composition "Missed Your Eyes", which opens the disc and ending with the final "La Flor De Mal" (which in the film "Desperado- 2 " performed by Enrique Iglesias) "Tito & Tarantula" take us with him to the excitingrelaxing journey full of unforgettable moments.

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