Tipper Gore

Picture of Tipper Gore

Date of Birth: 08/19/1948

Age: 68

Place of birth: Washington

Citizenship: United States


The wife of former US Vice President Al Gore seriously ponders the possibility to try hand at politics. In the coming days, it may declare their intention to run for the US Senate from the state of Tennessee. But first Tipper have to compete against other candidates for the senate seat from the Democratic Party. And then, if Democrats give her preference, she shlestnetsya with Republican rival. The role of the latter is likely to perform a former state governor, former Minister of Education (in the first Bush administration) Lamar Alexander.

Many influential Democrats said they would support Tipper in the election campaign. Among them is, and Hillary Clinton, now a senator from New York. "If Tipper Gore decides to fight, I`ll be in her camp," - said the former first lady of the United States. Finally, we can not ignore the help of her husband, who before becoming the vice-president, for many years represented in the Senate is Tennessee. Al Gore is now also reflecting on whether he should vozvraschatsyav politics and participate in the 2004 presidential election.

Born August 19, 1948 in Washington. She graduated from Boston University, where she received a diploma psychologist. Actively engaged in social activities, he wrote a book on child upbringing, which had great resonance. In Alberta and Tipper Gore four children and one grandchild.