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Year of birth: 1952

Age : 63 year

Citizenship : United States

The most recognizable in the world of shoes

`Timberland` - brand of the American company manufacturer of clothing and footwear ,It is known mainly for its shoes, which are not afraid of any bad weather.

In addition, `Timberland` - one of the most famous proponents of corporate social responsibility - in the company`s mission explicitly states that by creating their superior shoes ,` Timberland` not only works for the benefit of the community, and is changing the world through people ,who buy these shoes.

In 2007, the `Timberland` was the 78th in a row as the best employer in the United States from the list of ` 100 Best Companies to raboty` on the version of the program ` CNN Money`. The company`s headquarters is located in the town Strethem, New Hampshire (Stratham, New Hampshire),but offices and shops `Timberland` act in many different parts of the world. In Russia, footwear and clothing `Timberland` can be found in many online stores and retail stores in the company in Moscow, St. Petersburg and a number of major cities in the country.

`Timberland` history began in 1952, when Nathan Swartz (Nathan Swartz),more than thirty years has worked in the shoe business, bought half `Abington Shoe Company` city Abington, Massachusetts (Abington, Massachusetts). Three years later, he bought and the rest by transferring some powers to his sons. About ten years a small shoe factory making shoes on the orders of well-known brands ,while in 1965, Schwartz was the owner of the family is not entirely new to the footwear industry injection molding technology. This revolutionary technology allows to connect the leather shoe upper to the sole without a line, resulting in a truly waterproof boots and shoes.

In 1973, Schwartz registered a new brand -`Timberland`, - and released to the market its first model completely waterproof boots under this brand. Five years later, it changed the name of the company, `The Timberland Company`. In addition, at the same time the company has significantly expanded its product range ,including among its customers the fastest growing at the time the audience segment - women. The number of working women all over the world over the years, only increased, and therefore, increased and the amount of money that they are willing to spend on shoes.

Since the beginning of the 80s `Timberland` made a new qualitative leap ,consolidating its position on export markets, and the company began its triumphal march around the world with Italy (Italy) - oddly enough, even spoiled good shoes Italians were crazy brutal in appearance, but of high quality and most recognizable shoes `Timberland`.In 1986, the company was headed by its sole owner Sidney Schwartz (Sidney Swartz), son of Nathan, and in 1987 `Timberland` started to sell their shares to an American Stock Exchange. Around the same time began and socially significant activity of the company.

90s were marked by the appearance in the company`s range of women`s clothing and accessories ,the transition to the New York Stock Exchange, the emergence of new models of shoes, new social programs for its employees and the environment, as well as a line of clothing and footwear for children.

In 1998, the 25th anniversary of the company and its head became Jeffrey Schwartz (Jeffrey Swartz),representative of the next generation of the family Shvartsev - at the same time `Timberland` the first time has got in the list of Best Companies to Work for the magazine ` Fortune Magazine`.

In the new millennium the company `Timberland` came prepared, year after year, appearing in the lists of the most successful and most respected US companies. Today `Timberland` consistently headed the lists of the most desirable companies for job seekers - its programs aimed at stimulating the loyalty of its employees, entered into legend. In 2010, the company`s revenues amounted to $ 1.4 billion ; Today 5,600 people work in the `Timberland` worldwide.

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