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For `Til Tuesday was characterized by slow melodic songs with a strong guitar sound synthesizers and gloomy background.

Remaining in the memory thanks to the hit single "Voices Carry", `Til Tuesday gradually turned from NovoWave pop group in the project, which embodies the creative ideas of their leader - the soloist and composer Aimee Mann (Aimee Mann). Will appear on the new wave of American team helped sunset stylish clip for "Voices Carry", quickly became one of MTV favorites. However, the group failed their other singles to break into the charts again ,and although their albums warmly received by listeners, `Til Tuesday were poorly represented in the mass media of the time. After the release of their third album Everything`s Different Now it became apparent that they are no longer destined to be in the charts, but nevertheless Mann songs became cult that caused the sea of imitators ,among which there was also Elvis Costello (Elvis Costello). Following this final work in the group, Amy went to a solo career. For `Til Tuesday was characterized by slow melodic songs with a strong guitar sound synthesizers and gloomy background.

After studying at the School of Music in Boston, Aimee Mann (vocals ,bass) became part of the urban punk music scene, performing with the Young Snakes (the first incarnation of " industrialists " Ministry). By 1983, it wanted independence and she organized a group of `Til Tuesday, which included : her boyfriend drummer Michael Hausman (Michael Hausman),keyboardist Joey PESe (Joey Pesce) and guitarist Robert Holmes (Robert Holmes). For some time the ensemble has played in Boston and its environs, in the end winning musical konurs held by local radio stations. This event has attracted the attention of Epic Records, with which the contract was concluded shortly. At the time of recording their debut full length Voices Carry (1985) Mann and Hausman relationship went wrong and they went, and the failed novel became the basis of most songs on the record. Voices Carry became a hit several months after the title track hit the US Top10 (# 8) , and for a time was in the national Tor20 albums.Mann, meanwhile, twisted romance with composer Jules Shire (Jules Shear), which was widely covered by the tabloid press.

`Til Tuesday quickly recorded the second Welcome Home disc. Released in 1986, the album was not able to produce any strong hits, although the single "What About Love" hit the Tor40 (# 26) , he stayed there a little over a month ,and "Coming Up Close" and failed to do so. PESe after the release of the plate has left the band and was replaced by Michael Monte (Michael Montes), also joined the group of guitarists Jon Brion (Jon Brion) and Skobelev Clayton (Clayton Scobel). After the failure of Welcome Home otnoitelnoy novel Shira Mann and came to nothing ,the consequence of which was the last creative crisis. It has helped to overcome some Elvis Costello, co-authored with whom he had recorded one track from the last full length group Everything`s Different Now. Introduced in 1988, he, like the debut, he was inspired by the rupture of Mann and the Shire. Although he sold even worse than Welcome Home,He received high marks of the press and music critics, indicating the growth of its professional skills as a composer.

`Til Tuesday broke up later that year. Mann was involved in a lawsuit with Epic, to ban its release a solo album before 1993. After a time, she recorded her first solo album, Whatever (1993)has received rave reviews and caused a galaxy of imitators in the 90s.

Discography :

1985 Voices Carry (Columbia)

1986 Welcome Home (Epic)

1988 Everything`s Different Now (Epic

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