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Thrice in music can find a little of everything. Members of the punk unit began to dilute the sentimental melodies shrieks and squeals toxic, long before the regulars Warped Tour made it fashionable combination. Passionate guitar solos - a brand attribute their music, as the charity events - an essential feature of their way of life,responsible, in spite of the punk image, social position.

History Group For almost ten years, the California quartet Thrice paving the safe route in the music high speeds and moderate, which critics called differently - post-punk, post-hardcore, pop punk and punk revival. Thrice in music can find a little of everything.Members of the punk unit began to dilute the sentimental melodies shrieks and squeals toxic, long before the regulars Warped Tour made it fashionable combination. Passionate guitar solos -same brand attribute their music as charity events - an essential feature of their way of life, responsible, in spite of the punk image, social position.The next generation of adepts of hardcore punk and rescuers of the drive, the band Thrice have rallied on the same team in 1998. Vocalist and guitarist Dustin Kensru (Dustin Kensrue), second guitarist Teppei Teranishi (Teppei Teranishi),bassist Eddie Breckenridge (Eddie Breckenridge) and drummer Riley Breckenridge (Riley Breckenridge) is not specifically looking for each other. They just went to the same school and met in the park, where skateboarding. And siblings Eddie and Riley do not need to even have to leave the house to rehearse together.One day the four California students came up with a great idea to take the revival of the great punk tradition.The process of rebirth ran through a normal range of activities: concerts in countless small local halls, rehearsal, participation in traditional "battle groups". By the end of 1999, the young hardkorovtsy prepared enough material,had the courage and took the debut album for the record. Not hoping for rekordingovuyu supportthe team prepared and printed the first disc "Identity Crisis" (2001) on its own, using the help of the producer unless Paul Miner (Paul Miner), member of the band Death by Stereo. Like all the early stuff,this album was laced screaming riffs and intricate guitar parts, filled with sadness, weeping melodies and dissonant irritated. Continuing bomb punk fans high- riffs, the team organized a series of concerts in California and the surrounding area, as independent, and the opening act for more famous colleagues.Thrice activity attracted the attention of record company Hopeless / Sub City, headed by Luis Pouzenom (Louis Posen). In 2001, the label Hopeless reissued debut album "Identity Crisis" and sent the quartet on a tour with a group of Samiam, then yoked with Midtown and Hot Rod Circuit. After a warm-up concert musicians gathered in the studio to under the auspices of producer Brian Makternana (Brian McTernan) to record an official full-length debut. Sessions, preceded the appearance of "The Illusion of Safety", turned out to be an ordeal for the team, but she courageously overcame all obstacles. And shortly before the release went on tour,experiencing the power of the public on drums and guitar solos attack. On the appearance of "The Illusion of Safety" music press responded generally favorably: "Atypical dynamic for its subgenre, - read one of the reviews - Thrice pierced pop punk grandiose guitar harmonies and vocal howls, paving the bridge to the progressive rock ".After the publication of the album promotional tour continued. Thrice warmed Hall before performances Further Seems Forever and Face to Face. Soon the team is seeking for itself a support group, going to the headlining tour. One of the most memorable events was the performance in front of a crowd of thousands, attracted concerts Warped Tour,which adequately participated and Californian punk. Finally the quartet went to a small club tour in the company of Hot Water Music groups and Coheed & Cambria. On the new label Island, with a new budget and new features, but with the old producer Brian Makternanom Four began for studio design fresh ideas.A much more holistic and balanced album "The Artist in the Ambulance" appeared in summer 2003. Guru sound engineering Andy Uelleys (

Andy Wallace) in tandem with Makternanom gave Thrice signature sound particularly convincing in maintaining the integrity of the emotional storm and bringing elements of alt- metal,where musicians feel completely free. The accompanying tour allowed to get acquainted with new works Thrice not only their American fans, but also tens of thousands of European music fans who have come to their concerts in the Old World. All this time,the participants Thrice flawlessly performed at charity concerts and actively helped all sorts of charitable endeavors. 2005 Thrice gave fans the opportunity to once again remember how it all began. Published in January, a compilation of "If We Could Only See Us Now" - this is nothing, as a chronicle of the first six years of existence the team,bringing together the best b-sides, live material, a little-known version of singles and a few covers, including "Eleanor Rigby". The fourth studio release group "Vheissu" was released in late 2005. This ambitious, somewhat weighted, but no less dynamic work again pleased both critics and punk fans. The musicians wanted to try something new, To deviate from old patterns and surprise their fans, and they succeeded - the reviewers unanimously pointed out the mysterious atmosphere of the recording, unexpected mystical intonation, emotion contagious. In addition to the American tour, the team went back to Europe, where most of the concerts held in clubs,but the route and provided a headlining performance at the 10000th stadium. At the end of 2006, as reported by the press service of Thrice, the main issue on the agenda - the preparation of the new record.

The band ThriceDustin Kensrue (vocals / guitar)

Teppei Teranishi (guitar)

Eddie Breckenridge (bass)

Riley Breckenridge (drums)

Discography"First Impressions" (EP) (1999) "Identity Crisis" (2000) "The Illusion of Safety" (2002) "The Artist in the Ambulance" (2003) "If We Could Only See Us Now" (2005) "Vheissu "(2005)

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