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Year of birth : 1991

Age: 24 year

Place of birth : San - Diego, California, USA

Citizenship : United States


American progressive team of San Diego "Three mile pilot" was formed in the early 1990s. The composition of the quartet entered Pall Jenkins (vocals, guitar) , Tobias Nathaniel (keyboards, bass), Armistead Burwell Smith fourth (bass) and Tom Zinser (drums, percussion) . Having signed a contract with local label "Headhunter records" the boys made their debut in 1992 with the album "Na Vucca Do Lupu". With the first album "Three mile pilot" cast aside musical canons and guitar pushed to the very long-range plan, introducing instead the roll of two bass guitars, keyboards and percussion diluted. In truth,on "Na Vucca Do Lupu" Jenkins did not play the guitar, just singing.

The second attempt took place in 1994, when he left "Chief Assassin to the Sinister". The album continued the line of his predecessor, but this time, Jenkins has played a little guitar.

Three mile pilotEta plate progressivschikov of SanDiego has attracted the attention of the label "Geffen records", and it was reissued the following year with a few extra tracks. The best songs on this fascinating steel disk "Circumcised" and "Inner Bishop", made in the spirit of the best works of "Pixies". By the way on the release of "Headhunter" the last song was not.This collaboration with the majors and ended his next disc "Three mile pilot" was recorded again on "Headhunter records". "Another Desert, Another Sea" has turned more optimistic in contrast to the two previous releases gloomy esoteric.

However, the band`s style has changed little - the same leading bass ,Tobias organ and electronic percussion with the guitar Tom Pall in the background. The sessions of this album has also been involved trumpeter Jim French.

Three milepilotV the same 1997 was released EP "Gravity", followed by Pall Jenkins and Tobias Nathaniel with Mario Rubalkaba of "Clikitat Ikatowi" organized a new project, "The Black Heart Procession".In this regard, the activities of "Three mile pilot" has been suspended. In 2000, the "Headhunter Records" released a double- CD "Songs From an Old Town We Once Knew", is a collection of rare singles, B-sides and previously unrealized tracks. The CD was also attended by home recording and a couple of tracks from sessions "Another Desert, Another Sea" in the company with Steve Fisk.

The material has been matched very well, and this plate with a truly heavenly music became a real gift for fans of "Three mile pilot".

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Three Mile Pilot picture
Three Mile Pilot photo
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