Three Dog Night

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Year of birth : 1968

Age: 47 years

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship : United States


In the period 1969-1974 `s few managed to spawn as many hits in the top ten and sell as many tickets to their concerts as "Three dog night".

At that time it was, perhaps,the most popular team in America : 21 consecutive composition visited the Top 40, 18 songs - the Top 20, 11 - in the top 10, 7 is the first line, all were sold 7 million singles and issued 12 " gold " albums. By the end of 1975 their total circulation records exceeded 50 million. Such are the "modest" achievements were in the group with three lider-singers - Danny Hutton, Chuck Negron and Cory Wells (Emile Lovendovski) . Each of these guys has tried his vocals alone, but no success, none of them had.

Acquainted with one another, they somehow tried to sing a capella, and subsequently decided to organize a group. Danny was familiar with Brian Wilson of "Beach boys", and he took the team under his wing. Wilson wrote a couple of songs for the guys and started producing their first album. But other " beachy " rebelled and dragged Brian to his team back.

Three dog nightPrishlos trinity themselves to solve their problems ,and they look for a accompanists in the face of Jimmy Grinspoon (keyboards) , Joe Sherman (bass), Floyd Sneed (drums) and Michael Alsup (guitar) . Danny `s girlfriend offered to call the band "Three dog night" is subtracted by her expression in the journal of the Australian Aborigines (on cold nights they warmed near the dogs) . Speaking in the clubs ,ensemble attracted the attention of the manager "Turtles" and "Steppenwolf" Bill Utley, who took up his promotion. Received via Utley`s contract from "Dunhill records", a group under the guidance of producer " Steppenvolfa " Gabriel Meckler finally recorded their debut album. The album won a decent place in the " Billboard "and "Three dog night" began churning out hit after hit.

And guys are not particularly steamed about the fact that it is necessary to perform only their own things, and doing covers of the best things the best performers. This approach, plus the constant concerts in different size venues - from concert halls to stadiums - have done their job in terms of high volume of plates ,constantly brings " gold."

Three dog nightOdnako, by 1975 the endless trips tired musicians, and they have decided to terminate the activities of "Three dog night". Hutton opened the Agency Manager, Wells patched journalist and Negron continued to consume heroin. After six years, former colleagues again drawn to the music ,and in 1981, a sign "Three dog night" was revived. But the revival of the normal group interfered constant problems with drugs. We had to drive out one after the other, and again seek to replace them. In 1985 it was the turn and Negron, because due to his addiction often frustrated concerts. From his bad habits, he got rid of until the early 90s. Chuck Wells phoned and said that he would like to return to the team. But as Hatton was still mad at him, Wells had to refuse Negron.

And when, in 1997, "Three dog night" invited him to return themselves (albeit at lower Rights), it also turned down.So the team had to continue in business without it.

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