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Year of birth : 1991

Age: 24 year

Birthplace : Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Citizenship : United States


Today musicians with some pride reminisce about their early experiences and somewhat naive music - rap they then about violence, sex, drugs, aggression ,thus having won a few grim picture for the group.

Band `Three 6 Mafia` was founded in Memphis, Tennessee (Memphis, Tennessee), in 1991. At the root of this southern rap band were brothers with the sonorous name DJ Paul and Lord Infeymous (DJ Paul & Lord Infamous). However,parents are musicians at the time named his sons, respectively, Jordan Houston (Jordan Houston) and Ricky Danigan (Ricky Dunigan). The first version of the name of the new group was `Backyard Posse`, and his first recordings they made in-house, on the label ` Prophet Entertainment`, together with Nick Scarfo (Nick Scarfo).Their music did not go beyond the limits of Memphis and the South. Later, the light has a new record label, `Hypnotize Minds Records`, for the creation of which the musicians have teamed up with Juicy Jay (Juicy J). By the way, at an early stage creative guys actively cooperated with the same as they were young rappers - Koopsta Knicca,he is Robert Cooper (Robert Cooper), Crunchy Black, aka Darnell Carlton (Darnell Carlton) and many others.

Today musicians with some pride reminisce about their early experiences and somewhat naive music - rap they then about violence, sex, drugs, thus having won several agressiitem grim picture for the group.The first official album came from rappers in 1995, and shortly before they released their first release an underground called `Smoked Out Loced Out`. By the way, the success of this initiative is largely determined the success of the first official album, which was called `Mystic Stylez`.And it is after `Smoked Out Loced Out` group has found its permanent name ` Three 6 Mafia`.

The band`s popularity has grown, its composition is constantly changing. The second album, `Chapter 1 : The End`, was already expect a lot ; It includes a permanent basis was the name of the rapper Juicy J.The most recognizable track from the album ` Chapter 2 : World Domination` 1997 became `Tear The Club Up`, later he was re- called ` Tear The Club Up `97` and was hailed by fans ` anthem Yuga`.

Great success for musicians in 2005 was the film ` Hustle & dvizhenie` (Hustle & Flow),which sounded their soundtrack - track called `It`s Hard Out Here for a Pimp`. The song won `Oscar` ; together with DJ Paul and Juicy J celebrated victory and rapper Crunchy Black, who joined the `Three 6


In the summer of 2000, when the album `When The Smoke Clears` fell to sixth place in the chart ` Billboard`,`Three 6 Mafia` gained real fame.

On television, the group consolidated the success, appearing in `Adventures in Hollyhood` on MTV. In 2008, in the CBS series `Numb3rs` can also be seen Juicy J and DJ Paul.

The solo album DJ Paul `Scale-A-Ton` 2009 could once again see the Lord Infamous,Juicy J and about the same period was marked by solo album `Hustle Till I Die`.

The composition of the team `Three 6 Mafia` not uniform - the musicians are actively involved in the other projection - rappers colleagues, and less willing to experiment in the project with the other performers. It can be called from the permanent members only the already mentioned Juicy J and DJ Paul.To date, the project `Three 6 Mafia` ready to go the official album ` Laws of Power`, expected at the beginning of 2011.

Among the many rappers musical appearances on TV and in the movies - ` Pridurki` (Jackass),` Balboa` Rocky (Rocky Balboa), series ` lyubvi` Taste (Flavor of Love),` Simple zhizn` (The Simple Life), ` Entourage `(Entourage),`Paris Hilton`s My New BFF` and many other

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