Thor Heyerdahl

Picture of Thor Heyerdahl

Date of Birth: 06/10/1914

Age: 87

Place of birth: Larvik

Citizenship: Norway


Legendary traveler-ethnographer Thor Heyerdahl (1914) presented a new book, "In Adam`s footsteps" at the National Press Club (Washington) that promises to be as a bestseller, as well as his previous works: "Journey to the" Kon-Tiki "," Aku-Aku "" Ra "," Fatu Hiva "and others. The Norwegian-born Tour considers himself a citizen of the world, the study of which has devoted his entire life. by putting forward the theory that the oceans are not separated, but joined the ancient civilization, a graduate of the University of Heyerdahl at the end 30s went for evidence on Marquesas Islands. The research was interrupted by World war II. in England he passed special training parachutist-saboteur, but fortunately, "science to undermine and kill" did not have to apply. Military training was invaluable in those extreme conditions, which gets Heyerdahl and his team, crossed the ocean on a raft, and the papyrus reed boats.

Now the 85-year-old scientist settled in Tenerife, but continues to lecture and advise the new generation of researchers and is engaged in the Museum ties of ancient civilizations. A relaxing, digging in the garden, especially grooming papyrus, brought from the banks of the Nile, loves to dance, and complained that never learned to drive a car, staying, he said, true to the principles of "civilized savage."

Proceedings and caring with her husband shares his wife Jacqueline. The former "Miss France", in the 60s "-aktrisa Hollywood, she also became an archaeologist. Forestry deals Heyerdahl`s son. This summer, scientists are going to an international congress in Russia, where he has many friends.