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Date of Birth: 1944

Age: 71

Place of birth: Budapest

Citizenship: United States


Peterffi Thomas was born in 1944 in Budapest (Budapest), in the basement of the hospital during an air raid of Soviet aviation. In 1965, he immigrated to the United States as a refugee, fleeing from socialist Hungary (Hungary), and at the same time he had to interrupt their studies as an engineer. When he arrived in New York (New York City), Peterffi did not know English.

His career in the United States began with the draftsman in place of an engineering firm that worked on architectural projects of highways. That`s when he volunteered to program just bought a computer, and in the end, it determined his future. Peterffi gave up a career in the creation of software for financial modeling and bought a seat on the American Stock Exchange to trade securities. Throughout his career he has consistently nastaivalna replacing manual processes more efficient automated. Peterffi could during the working day on the stock exchange to mentally create the code, and then apply their ideas to the computer models trades. He caused a sensation among traders, when in the early 80`s coined on the trading floor of the pocket calculators. In the end, business Peterffi related to his activities on the stock exchange, has evolved into a brokerage firm `Interactive Brokers`.

`, Inc.` (IB) Interactive Brokers Group - an online brokerage firm or an electronic trading platform. The history of the company dates back to 1977, when Peterffi settled on the American Stock Exchange. `IB` consists of many subsidiaries operating in the world`s largest stock markets, futures, bonds, options and currencies. The company owns a share of the electronic stock exchange `OneChicago` vpartnerstve with` Chicago Board Options Exchange` (CBOE) and `CME Group`. `OneChicago` - a private company, whose activities are regulated by both the Securities and Exchange Commission (Securities and Exchange Commission), and the Commission on Futures Trading (Commodity Futures Trading Commission), and which is currently working only with the American securities market . The corporate headquarters is located in the `OneChicago` Chicago Board of Trade Building (Chicago Board of Trade Building).

In September 2012, Thomas Peterffi fortune was estimated at US $ 4.6 billion (USA). Peterffi considered the 77th richest American and the 3rd richest resident of Connecticut - he lives in Greenwich, Connecticut (Greenwich, Connecticut). Peterffi have three children, he was divorced and loves riding. In March of 2012 Peterffi took 189 th place vspiske richest billionaires with a fortune of 5.4 billion dollars.

During the presidential campaign in 2012 Peterffi worked on the creation of political advertising in support of the Republican Party. He bought millions of dollars of airtime on CNN and CNBC and warned in minute video of creeping socialism in the United States. On the advertising notice including because Peterffi, vo-pervyh, was not a candidate, and vo-vtoryh paid for air time from his own pocket, not taking advantage of the help of the organizations covered by the tax credit. He did not call directly vote for Mitt Romney (Mitt Romney) or against Barack Obama (Barack Obama), but it was implied. Rollers have caused mixed reactions, but the press wrote that while advertising is somewhat ridiculous and naive, she is sincere and has a very strong influence.

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