Thomas Huxley

Picture of Thomas Huxley

Date of Birth: 05/04/1825

Age: 70

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Born on May 4, 1825 in Ealing, near London. He graduated from medical school at the Charing Cross Hospital. He started his career naturalist aboard the ship, participating as a physician`s assistant in a four-year expedition of the frigate "Rattlesnake" cruised near Australia. He studied marine organisms, which is extracted with a wire basket for storing food, and sent to England the results of their research. His brilliant article made such an impression on the scientific world that in 1850, shortly after returning to England, Huxley was elected to the Royal Society of London. In 1854 he got a job as a paleontologist at the Museum of Practical Geology. At the same time he lectured on natural history at the Royal School of Mines in London.

Huxley was a member of the Board of Eaton, was the rector of the University of Aberdeen, a board member of the University of London, professoromKorolevskogo College of Surgeons, a member of the board of Owens College (later Manchester University), professor at the British Institute, member of the board of the International College, the dean of British Science College.

Huxley died in Eastbourne (Sussex) June 29, 1895.