Thomas Carlyle

Picture of Thomas Carlyle

Date of Birth: 04/12/1795

Age: 85

Place of birth: Ecclefechan

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Born into a peasant family; were intended by their parents, strict Calvinists to the spiritual career of 14 years he entered the University of Edinburgh. Not wanting to be a priest, he after completing the course at the university to become a teacher of mathematics in the province, but soon returned to Edinburgh. Here, living on casual literary earnings, for some time he worked intensively on the right in preparation for advocacy; but that he quickly abandoned, fascinated by German literature.

Works of German literature

Translation of Goethe`s "Wilhelm Meister" in 1824 and "The Life of Schiller" in 1825 was the first major work of Carlyle; they were followed by a critical analysis and translation of Jean-Paul Hoffmann, Teak, Fuke et al., the characteristics of Boris and Voltaire, printed in the liberal "Edinburgh Review." In the same "Review" (in the early 30-ies.) Published his first article of a more general nature, "Signs of the time" is not suitable to your direction of liberal color magazine. His next sketch, "Teyfelsdrek", which developed later in a book, "Sartor Resartus" and "The History of German Literature" no publisher undertook to print, since the direction of Carlyle did not meet the spirit of the times.