Thomas Beatie

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Date of Birth: 01/20/1974

Age: 42

Citizenship: United States

The world`s first pregnant man

Transsexual, change sex and then imposed and begetteth three children.

Thomas Beatie was born in 1974, in the female form, named Tracy (Tracy Lehuanani LaGondino). Tracy was the eldest of two children in a family that lived in Honolulu (Honolulu, Hawaii). The girl grew up very pretty - her mother was Irish blood and his father - the Philippines, and this mixture gave Tracy the amazing beauty, which are sometimes beautiful children of mixed marriages.

Teenager Tracy repeatedly performed at beauty contests, but later, after becoming a Thomas, he admitted that he always felt that living in `nepravilnom` body.

Girl appears in a nationally televised sporting project aerobics - `Basic Training`.

Still later, the beautiful Tracy started bodybuilding. It is here, among the bodybuilders, it was definitively established in the thought that it does not attract the boys, but the girls. In that period, Tracy began a long relationship with another bodibildershey Nancy Gillespie (Nancy Gillespie).

Tracy graduated from the University of Hawaii (University of Hawaii), received a bachelor`s degree in health sciences, and then received a master`s degree.

Along with bodybuilding, she began to practice martial arts.

Male hormones Tracy began to take the age of 23, and soon she had not looked like a pretty and feminine woman - the voice of Tracy began to change, at appeared bristle face, she briefly tonsured her luxurious hair, and in March 2002, Tracy went through an operation to sex change. So, she got rid of the chest, and now no one could learn in nice young man a former contestant in a beauty which defile a crowd hooting around the stage in a sexy swimsuit.

Marriage Thomas and Nancy have issued February 5, 2003 in Hawaii, and in 2005 the couple moved to Bend, Oregon (Bend, Oregon), where they double as a married couple, bought a house.

In 2008 Thomas Beatie spoke to the whole world - when he officially and loudly announced her pregnancy. He became the hero of several TV programs and shows, and that`s when the private life of Thomas and Nancy began gradually turning into hell. Thus, the paparazzi were on duty in front of their home day and night - the news of the pregnant man fired the public.

June 29, 2008, Thomas gave birth to a healthy baby girl, called Susan (Susan Juliette Beatie), births took place in hospital Charles Medical Center in Bend. By the way, in all official documents, medical records, and floor Biti was indicated as a male.

The most famous was Thomas after an interview with the famous telejournalist Barbara Walters (Barbara Walters), a project called `Journey of a Pregnant Man` and has been featured on ABC.

It is here, in an interview with Walters, Thomas spoke about his childhood, about the fact that he was born a girl, and that he now feels one hundred percent man.

My daughter grew, and soon Thomas became pregnant for the second time, and June 9, 2009 th Thomas gave birth again, this time a boy, who was named Austin (Austin Alexander Beatie).

25 July 2010 the first born the third child and second son of Thomas and Nancy - Jensen (Jensen James Beatie).

Guinness World Records has named Thomas Beatie `The world`s first birth to muzhchinoy` and TV reporters excitedly invited him into the most popular Show - `Larry King Live`,` Good Morning America`, `Oprah: Where Are They Now`?.

In March 2012, Thomas Beatie and filed for divorce, but their cause was moving very slowly - in the end, after much litigation custody of all three children Thomas conquered.

He currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona (Phoenix, Arizona), together with her three children and her friend by the name of Nicholas Amber (Amber Nicholas).

It is known that in February of 2012 Thomas Beatie went through surgery again - this time it is completely transformed into a man, getting rid of the female reproductive organs.

Shortly after the birth of Susan Beaty he wrote his first book - `Labor of Love: The Story of One Man`s Extraordinary Pregnancy`, and later he had a few publications.

Thomas is an activist gender expression, he turned into an icon of the movement, making a huge step in the fight for the rights of transgender people, and challenging social and legal definition of `` muzhchina` and zhenschina`.

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