Thomas Bailey

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Date of Birth: 1937

Age: 78

Citizenship: United States


The famous American billionaire investor, businessman, head of a large company. His net worth is approximately $ 1.2 billion (according to the world-renowned business magazine Forbes, the billionaire who called one of the most influential and wealthy businessmen of the world). Currently, Thomas lived in the United States.

Thomas Bailey was born in America about seven decades ago. He - graduate. At the time, the future billionaire studied at Michigan State University Michigan State University (at the end of which was awarded the honorary degree of Bachelor of Science and Arts), and then - he entered the University of University of Western Ontario and received his MBA degree completion.

In 1969, the year Thomas Bailey moved to Denver and founded a company Janus, which soon turned into one of the most important stock of enterprises in the country.

Currently, Janus Capital Group Inc - is the biggest joint-stock company, the assets of which (for the period March 2008-the first year) of about 187.6 billion dollars. The campaign is working with a large number of customers (both individuals and to institutions) - more than four million.

Stock organization of Janus Capital Group Inc owns not only many parts of the United States, but also branches in other cities around the world, including London, Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Singapore and others.

Company Janus Capital Group Inc owns units such as Janus Capital Management LLC and Enhanced Investment Technologies, LLC (INTECH). In addition, the company owns thirty percent of firms Perkins, Wolf, McDonnell and Company Company, LLC.

Division Janus Capital Management LLC is one of the largest branches of the company Janus Capital Group Inc and deserves special attention. It is better than others demonstrates the basic principles and rules of the corporation as a whole, and more than three decades, offers customers a perfect investment services and more.

Despite the rather advanced age, the billionaire Thomas Bailey continues to participate actively in the work of the enterprise and closely monitors its activities.

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