Thomas Arnold

Picture of Thomas Arnold

Date of Birth: 06/13/1795

Age: 46

Place of birth: a. White

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Reformer educational system

Arnold was born on the Isle of Wight (Isle of Wight), in the family of a member of William Arnold Service Internal Revenue (William Arnold) and his wife, Martha Delafield (Martha Delafield). Thomas studied grammar school in Warminster (Warminster) and College in Oxford (Oxford); it is particularly well given the ancient literature and languages. Some time White worked as a director at a school in Leylheme (Laleham), after which he moved to Rugby.

Now, many are inclined to believe that the transfer of Thomas to the post of director of the school in Rugby is one of the main successes of the educational system of the time - incredible charisma and inner strength of Thomas allowed him to turn the subordinate organizations in a real role model for other schools in the country; it is difficult to underestimate the impact on the British teachers at the time. Of course, his work took place is not perfectly smooth - sometimes he had to get involved in conflicts both on religious grounds, and on the teaching methods. It should be noted that Arnold has always been a staunch opponent of the so-called `high tserkvi` that merely adds to his opponents. In 1833 he published his `Principles church reformy` (` Principles of Church Reform`); often the output of this book in the light attributed to the beginning of the movement `broad tserkvi`.

The main work of Arnold, however, considered his work on the history - three-volume (and, unfortunately, incomplete) history Rima` `(` History of Rome`) and `Lectures on Modern istorii` (` Lectures on Modern History`).

Thomas suddenly died completely; heart attack claimed his life from the height of his career. His life story is presented in some detail in the book `Life Arnolda` (` Life of Arnold`), written by one of the former students Thomas, Arthur Penrhyn Stanley (Arthur Penrhyn Stanley).

Arnold was married to Mary Penrose (Mary Penrose), daughter prepodobonogo John Penrose (Rev. John Penrose) from Penryn, Cornwall (Penryn, Cornwall). They had three daughters and four sons - including the poet Matthew Arnold (Matthew Arnold), literary scholar Tom (Tom) and writer William Delafield Arnold (William Delafield Arnold). Unfortunately, William Arnold died in 1859-m, leaving four orphaned children; they adopted the eldest daughter of Thomas Jane March (Jane Martha) and her husband, William Edward Forster (William Edward Forster). One of these orphans was Hugh Oakley Arnold-Foster (Hugh Oakeley Arnold-Forster), the next liberal unionist, member of parliament and a supporter of Arthur Balfour (Arthur Balfour). The literature gave way and the youngest daughter of Thomas, Mary Arnold August (Mary Augusta Arnold); it was printed under the pseudonym of `Mrs. Humphrey Uord` ( `Mrs Humphry Ward`). Another of Arnold`s daughter, Julia (Julia), she married Leonard Huxley (Leonard Huxley); their son, Aldous Huxley (Aldous Huxley), later became a famous writer; many of his familiar dystopia `Brave New mir` (` Brave New World`). In addition, in 1902 Julie Arnold founded in Godelminge, Surrey (Godalming, Surrey) school for girls - acting, by the way, to this day.

Not so long ago - in 1991 - in the light was a new biography of Thomas Arnold; She wrote her school director Michael McCrea (Michael McCrum). McCrae in his work once again demonstrated the importance of the school in Rugby for the development of public schools as a whole; we should mention that he himself for some time was the head of the institution.