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Citizenship: United States


The group was invited to perform on CNN, NBC, adorned their photos on the covers of Billboard,US magazine and repeatedly on the front page of CCM magazine.The figure visited the concert tour Come together tour exceeded 220,000 people.


Mac Powell (vocals, guitar), Mark Lee (guitars), Brad Avery (guitars), Tai Anderson (bass), David Kar (drums)


Chronology, Volume Two (2007) Chronology, Volume One (1996-2000) (2007) Christmas Offerings (2006) Wherever You Are (2005) Live Wire (2004) -Wire (2004) Offerings II: All I Have to Give (2003) Come Together (2001) Offerings (2000) Time The (1999) Conspiracy No. 5 (1997) , Third Day (1996) - reissue Third Day (1995)

" If we want to be Christians, and if we want to be the oneswho are called "followers of Christ", in this case, we must zealously seek God and study His Word. "Mac Powell, the first time members of the group met in 1991, but the base Third day is considered the official year of 1993. Initially, the young band played contemporary worship, without plans for a bright future.The onlywho from the first structure lasted until the official start of the team, had the Mac Powell and Mark Lee. The two best friends, and knew each other from school, both played the guitar, and Mark is still able to scrape the fiddle. Mark bought the first guitar when he was 15 years old.On it greatly affects the creativity of Peter Buck R. E. M., and therefore the young Mark was determined to play it on the guitar. Then the real star of the Christian guys only knew Stryper, whose popularity was enormous. Mark thought, "If Stryper play Christian metal,so why do not I play Christian rock? "The name was coined for the group quickly. Since it was necessary symbolic nameDenoting Christian affiliation team, the guys turned to the New Testament." Jesus was resurrected on the third day, "and because it is the" third day "was symbolic not only of Christianity, but also for all of humanity.The first audience is the audience was small and consisted of 50 to a maximum of 100 people, and is due to the factthat group touted the churches. After some time the team came Tai Anderson and David Carus, who were also old friends and studied together. David played the drums since 11 years, developing skills very quickly.Tay was also a virtuoso musician and, in addition to playing bass, owned a piano, banging on drums, dudel in brynkal saxophone and guitar. To date he is the most prolific in the group, as his inspiration while there was no limit. In his youth, David Tay and played in a number of school groups, the names of which can no longer remember,except perhaps a few that have, in general, it does not matter. They saw a youth pastor, inviting them to create a group with Mack and Mark. So four guys started to play in the church. Two years later the team came Brad Avery, with whom Third day started recording their debut album. In 1995 on the independent label released their debut self-titled album "days" - Third day. The album felt sickly taste of "Southern" purely American music, blues -soaked. Along with the undeniable rock hits Did You Mean It, Nothin` At All and Consuming Fire, pleased the audience and frankly spiritual ballads Praise Song and Thief. In 1996, their debut album was re-released on Reunion Records label.For his debut album, the band received a nomination for an award Dove awards in the category "Best New Band", and also received an award from Billboard Video Award for a clip for the song Nothing At All. In 1997 he came out very strong Conspiracy

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