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Year of birth : 1995

Age: 20 years

Place of birth : Washington, USA

Citizenship : United StatesThe musical world of a mixture of styles and languages

The creators of the duo `Thievery Corporation` write the lyrics in different languages and mixed a variety of directions. How many albums released duet at the moment ? What connects `Thievery Corporation` with Sir Paul McCartney (Paul McCartney)? And as called for by the duo at the concert ` Operation to stop ognya` ?

Musical `Thievery Corporation` team was formed in the summer of 1995 in Washington, DC (Washington, D.C.), in a stunning launzh-Bar `Eighteenth Street Lounge` (ESL). Rob Garza (Rob Garza) and Eric Hilton (Eric Hilton), one of the owners of ESL, closer to each other on the basis of mutual love of club life, as well as the general musical tastes.

Both the founder of `Thievery Corporation` respected dub styles, bossa nova and jazz. They decided to see what would happen ,if you mix their favorite destinations, including acid jazz, reggae, Indian and Middle Eastern classics, in the recording studio. Birth duo `Thievery Corporation` led to the birth of the label ` Eighteenth Street Lounge Music`. Invited singers have to perform to `Thievery Coporation` songs in English, Spanish, French, Italian ,Persian, Portuguese, Romanian and Hindi. All this helps the duo reflect their world music influences.

Guys have received attention with the release of their 12 - inch LPs `Shaolin Satellite` and` 2001 : a Spliff Odyssey`.

In 1997, the duo presented the first LP, `Sounds from the Thievery Hi-Fi`.

2000, released the album `The Mirror Conspiracy`, and in 2002th - `The Richest Man in Babylon` with 15 tracks, similar in style to the previous release, with the aesthetics of downtempo.

In 2005, the duo `Thievery Corporation` presented ` The Cosmic Game`, darker, more psychedelic -sounding album than the record `The Richest Man in Babylon`. In the recording operation took fresh uchastitakie notable performers ,kak Perri Farrell (Perry Farrell) , David Byrne (David Byrne) and Wayne Coyne (Wayne Coyne) of rock band The Flaming ` Lips`.

In the 2006 - m Garza and Hilton wrote ` Versions`, album of remixes of compositions of other artists. They otpravilis? the tour after Soedinennym stop and vystupili the rock festival ` Lollapalooza`. Photos from the tour gave Rob Myers (Rob Myers), who played in the group `Thievery Corporation` guitar and sitar. In the same year was recorded the track `Sol Tapado` for the compilation album ` Silencio = Muerte: Red Hot + Latin Redux` nonprofit organization `Red Hot Organization`. The goal of this release was thatto draw attention to the spread of the AIDS epidemic in Latin America.

The fifth studio album scheu `Thievery Corporation`,` Radio Retaliation`, released September 23, 2008 - th. He was nominated for the award in the category Gremmi` ` ` Best Packaging alboma`. The tour in support of the album started with five sold-out concerts in night clubs `9:30 Club` in Washington.

August 1, 2009 the first duet `Thievery Corporation` acted ` at razogreve` Sir Paul McCartney at the stadium FedExField in Landover, Maryland (Landover, Maryland).

The new album, `Culture of Fear`,It was presented `Thievery Corporation` in June of 2011.

In January 2014 the band announced that a new musical work entitled `Saudade` be released on April 1 on the label ` ESL Music`.

In his work, the team said `Thievery Corporation` svoyrotest against administration initiatives of former US President George W. Bush (George W. Bush).In September 2005, the duo participated in the concert ` Operation to stop ognya`, which called for an end to the war in Iraq (Iraq). In 2009, the festival `Lollapalooza`, Gars and Hilton made a speech against the IMF, after the politically executed ` `Vampires` zaryazhennuyu` song

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