Thierry Breton

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Citizenship: France


The former head of the concern "France Telecom" 50-year-old Thierry Breton took a key post in the French government - became Minister of Economy and Finance. A couple of decades ago, there were no signs so stormy career Breton, although he was born in the family of the head of the Atomic Energy Commissariat. After receiving an engineering degree at the Paris Institute of Electrical Engineering, he was in 1976-1981 he taught mathematics and computer science at the French Lycee in New York. He wrote science fiction novels.

It is thanks to literary pursuits Breton zaimel important patron - an admirer of his talent proved to be a prominent right-wing politician Rene Monory. He did all that Breton has rapidly grown into an international-class businessman, and earned a reputation as "the savior of distressed corporations." He, for example, was able to pull out of the financial abyss known company "Thomson", which is going to sell for one conditional Franc Korean "Daewoo". Through his connections Breton received billions in subsidies for the "treatment" of the company. Same as he did with "France Telecom". According to observers, although Breton outwardly looks soft, pliable man minister, he could be very tough. So, what has been in business.

He is married and has one daughter.