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Year of birth : 1982

Age: 33 year

Birthplace : Brooklyn, New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


American alternative rock band formed in 1982 by John Flensbergom (John Flansburgh) and John Linnell (John Linnell).

In the early years of the duo Flensberg and Linnell have often used a drum machine accompaniment. In the early 90`s composition `TMBG` expanded considerably. Currently, the founders of the group were joined by drummer Marty Beller (Marty Beller), Dan Miller (Dan Miller) and bassist Danny Vaynkauf (Danny Weinkauf). The group is widely known for its innovative and experimental approach to alternative rock music. Throughout a long career staff are not just seen in the success of hit-parades modern rock charts, and the company `CMJ`, famous for its annual music festivals. Most recently, `They Might Be Giants` succeed in a new and unusual for the genre itself - music for kids, as well as participated in the creation of several musical themes for movies and television programs. `TMBG` released 14 studio albums. Album `Flood` 1990 became ` platinovym`, and an album of music for children `Here Come the ABCs` (2005) reached the ` zolotogo` status. The group has won two prestigious awards ` Gremmi` (Grammy Award). The first - in 2002 for the song `Boss of Me`,which served as the theme song for the sitcom Malcolm in the Middle ` vnimaniya` (Malcolm in the Middle), and the other musicians received in 2009 for the album predyduschegogoda `Here Come the 123s`. I wonder what has become of their latest album `Here Comes Science` (2009), continuing the line of their educational albums for children.The group has sold more than 4 million records. In addition to the 14 albums from `TMBG` out 13 collections ` zhivyh` 7 albums, 18 mini- albums, 15 video and 6 singles. In addition, they participated in a variety of joint projects with other musicians.

Linnell, singer and songwriter, who also owns the game on the accordion, saxophone, clarinet and keyboards ,and Flensberg, rhythm and bass guitarist, trumpeter and percussionist. They are often called ` ` two or Dzhona` John and Dzhon` ; they first met as teenagers, because grew up together in Lincoln, Massachusetts (Lincoln, Massachusetts). They began writing songs together while studying in high school Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School,but the formal establishment of the group it still did not go. John and John arrived at different colleges after graduation, and Flensberg chose the famous Art Institute Pratt (Pratt Institute), and Linnell joined `The Mundanes`, group of Rhode Island (Rhode Island), which plays rock new wave. They met again in 1981 ,when we managed to move to Brooklyn (Brooklyn) in one the same day by the same building, and decided to continue his musical career, releasing their debut album in 1986. The name of the group shared the popular comedy of the early `70s.

Interestingly, in 2004, the group has created one of the first online music store ,belonging to the musicians, in which customers can purchase and download MP3 copies of their songs, both from new releases, as well as from many previously released albums. By creating your own store, the band opted to save the money that would otherwise be passed to the record companies. In 2010, the group has undergone a qualitative site redesign

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