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Right to a family: Illinois and gay marriage

By the current moment of same-sex marriage is officially allowed in 9 US states - Iowa (Iowa), Washington (Washington), Vermont (Vermont), Connecticut (Connecticut), Maine (Maine), Maryland (Maryland), Massachusetts (Massachusetts), New Hampshire (New Hampshire) and New York (New York). If Volpe and Santos will be able to achieve the desired, the list will include the name of the tenth - same-sex marriage may be permitted in the State of Illinois (Illinois).

Attempts to bill through the jungle state of Teresa and Mercedes have taken legal system for quite some time. More recently, they have been able to collect enough votes in favor of the bill; Alas, after the adoption of the bill stalled again - and even support the Democrats did not help accelerate the adoption of the new law. The Senate bill still passed, but longer boast Volpe and Santos so far nothing.

Of course, the delay at the Volpe and Santos apparent cause irritation; Of course, women are well aware that this delay is partly due to causes quite objective - which, however, the overall situation is not particularly easier.

A power struggle for the adoption of new laws did not stop even during the recent spring holidays - for the past two weeks, both supporters and opponents of the law have made considerable efforts to strengthen its position. Supporters of the bill are based primarily on the Democratic Party - that state, at this time managed governor-democrat is a good argument; opponents of gay marriage prefer to seek the support of the more conservative layers - vrodezhiteley agricultural areas in the southern part of the state.

For Theresa Volpe and Mercedes Santos, the new law is important not only as a major achievement in the social and political field - women 21 years living together. Over the years, Volpe and Santos managed to get even two children - with the help of some anonymous donors. Women have had a chance to personally face the challenges that imposes not fully formalized their relationship. Two years ago the youngest child and Santos Volpe, 2-year-old Dzheydon (Jaidon), was in the hospital; serious kidney problems nearly cost the life of the baby. Even in such a difficult situation for women could not get into the baby ward at the same time - the existing code rules simply did not consider the possibility of a Dzheydona of two mothers.

Of course, the adoption of the new bill is unlikely to be able to instantly make life easier for gay couples - so that the same hospitals will need some time to review the internal regulations. Do not change the resolution of same-sex marriages and homophobic behavior - on the contrary, there is reason to believe that such a defeat this layer only embitter than ever. Teresa and Mercedes, but, more than anything dreamed of one thing - to become a normal family and have normal parental rights.

The fate of `Proposals 8` (` Proposition 8`) is open to question; Tuesday, supporters of the bill will appear in court on Wednesday - his opponents. A positive decision could theoretically have an effect at the national level and facilitate the life of public figures from other states - incidentally, to talk about it yet early.