Theodosius Dobzhansky

Picture of Theodosius Dobzhansky

Date of Birth: 01/25/1900

Age: 75

Place of birth: Nemiroff

Citizenship: Ukraine


Born January 25, 1900 in Nemirov (now Ukraine). In 1921 he graduated from Kiev University, until 1924 he worked in the same place at the Department of Zoology. In 1924-1927 he was a professor of genetics at the University of Leningrad. In 1927 he emigrated to the United States. He worked at Columbia University from the famous geneticist T.Morgana, then he is in the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena (1928-1940). In 1940 he returned to Columbia University, in 1962-1971 was a professor at Rockefeller University in New York.

Dobzhansky research interests have focused on the problems of variability and evolution of animals, he was one of the founders of this important trend in biology, both population genetics. His first work in this field he made during an expedition to Central Asia in 1926-1927, which examined the population of farm animals in the region. Later, as a pilot facility for the study of genetic and evolutionary process Dobzhansky chose the fruit fly Drosophila. He was able to establish the genetic basis of this organism populations of polymorphisms - in the division reproduktivnoizolirovannye (not able to breed with each other) group. He also showed that the benefits of different races Drosophila appear under different conditions determined by, for example, the height above sea level, the temperature of the environment, the nature of the available food, the time of year. Together with Dzh.M.Smitom Dobzhansky determines the rate of natural selection in natural and experimental populations. His research has created the preconditions for an explanation of the mechanism of formation of new races and species, and allowed us to construct a synthetic theory of evolution. Widely known for such books of the scientist as Genetics and the Origin of Species (Genetics and the Origin of Species, 1941); Evolution, genetics and a person (Evolution, Genetics and Man, 1955); Biological basis of human freedom (The Biological Basis of Human Freedom, 1956). Dobzhansky was a member of the Royal Society of London, the German Academy of Natural Scientists "Leopoldina", the Swedish Academy of Sciences, the Royal Danish society. Elliott was awarded the medal of the American National Academy of Sciences. Died Dobzhansky in Davis (Calif.) December 18, 1975.