Theodor Gerztel

Picture of Theodor Gerztel

Date of Birth: 08/05/1860

Age: 44

Place of birth: Budapest


The son of a wealthy merchant from Budapest young Theodore for ideological reasons consistently threw first school, refusing to communicate daily with classmates, anti-Semites, and later university. However, he changed his mind, a young student at the university and recovered at 24, he became a doctor of jurisprudence, University of Vienna.

"We are gathered here to lay the cornerstone of the house that has become a haven for the Jews." These were the first words of Theodor (Binyamin Ze`ev) Herzl August 29, 1897 at the First Zionist Congress in Basel, one of the organizers and masterminds who was Herzl.

Ashes herald the Jewish state after decades moved from Vienna to "vymechtanny" and implement them in life "Altnoyland" (Old New country) - Israel.

He was buried in Jerusalem. August 14, 1949 his ashes rest before in Vienna, according to the will of Theodore, was reburied in Jerusalem.

Later, near his tomb was built Herzl Museum and the day of his death (on the Jewish calendar 20th day of Tammuz), there is now in Israel as a national day to his memory.

After his death, Jabotinsky wrote: "And the day of the end of the day 6yl its heyday, and a thunderclap, and the song did not finish singing, but we have additional dome song for him"