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Year of birth : 2009

Age: 6 years

Place of birth : Los Angeles, CA ,, US

Citizenship : United States


`Them Crooked Vultures` (abbreviated ` TCV`) - music band playing hard rock and alternative rock, which was formed in Los Angeles in 2009 /Formed in 2009 in Los Angeles, California, USA

`Them Crooked Vultures` (abbreviated ` TCV`) - music band playing hard rock and alternative rock, which was formed in Los Angeles in 2009 and boasts a truly stellar composition. Drummer Dave Grool - from `Foo Fighters` and ` Nirvana`,vocalist and guitarist Josh Homme familiar to us `Queens of the Stone Age`,` Kyuss`, `Desert Sessions`,` Eagles of Death Metal` and `Screaming Trees`, bassist and keyboardist John Paul Jones - from ` Led Zeppelin`, and guitarist Alain Johannes - from `Eleven` and ` Queens of the Stone Age`.

Cooperation Homma, Jones and Groola was first reported in 2005 ,Grool when in an interview said that the next project (and it definitely will not be a failure) will join these three. In July 2009, Homma wife Brody Dale said she could not dwell on this project, but can say that it is simply amazing (voobshchethen she put a much more emotional : `pretty fucking amazing`) and that no one had ever heard of this. And in July, the same English music magazine `NME` said that in Los Angeles, began recording the album.

His first concert `Them Crooked Vultures` gave in Chicago ` Metro` August 9, 2009 ;the band played 80 minutes and during that time introduced only new songs, including opened the concert `Elephants`,` Scumbag Blues`, `Caligulove` and complete representation of ` Nobody Loves Me and Neither Do I`. European debut of the group took place on August 19 at the Dutch Melkweg ,the same day, the group presented a short video for the song `Nobody Loves Me and Neither Do I` and announced its inclusion in the debut album.

After giving a few concerts in mainland Europe, the band played in the United Kingdom - along with the British alternative band `Arctic Monkeys` performed in London ` Brixton Academy` 26 Augustthen performed at festivals in Reading and Leeds, 28 and 29 August.

September 1, the band announced the upcoming two rounds - in North America and the United Kingdom in October and December 2009, respectively, and the output of the debut album is scheduled for October (although some close to ` istochniki` group claimthat before 2010 it should not be expected) . Presumably, he will be called `Never Deserved the Future`

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Them Crooked Vultures picture
Them Crooked Vultures photo
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