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The West Memphis Three (West Memphis trio) - a group of criminals convicted in 1994.

The history of the crime, which occurred in 1993, is as follows: May 5, 1993 in West Memphis,Arkansas (West Memphis, Arkansas), lost three eight-year boy - Steve Branch (Stevie Edward Branch), Michael Moore (Michael Moore) and Christopher Byers (Christopher Byers). Guys have not seen all day, and they were found dead the next day. At the same time they were killed with great cruelty.They found the children in a filthy creek flowing into the municipal sewage system, the boys were bound and drowned. One of them, Christopher Byers, was castrated andhas been found later, he died from loss of blood. As for Steve brunch and Michael Moore, the autopsy revealed that the cause of death was drowning.Police suspected at first that the children were raped, soon rejected this hypothesis. Later it was announced that the killing of children was part of a satanic ritual.All three boys were students of the school Weaver Elementary School, they were best friends and consisted scouts.

Soon, on suspicion and detained three suspects, they were 17 -year-old Jesse Misskelli (Jessie Misskelley, Jr.), 16 -year-old Jason Baldwin (Jason Baldwin) and 18 -year-old Damien Echols (Damien Echols). This trinity identify themselves as `metallistam` their heavy music fascinated, riveted clothing, trinkets and satanic things like that. Two of them - Baldwin and Misskeli -already had experience trouble with the law for vandalism and shoplifting. By the way, Misskelli and Echols had not studied ourselves in high school, but Baldwin, surprisingly, He showed very good results and showed a clear talent for drawing; one of the teachers even managed to inspire his idea to study graphic design in college.As for Damien Echols, he was lad of so-called `dysfunctional semi` where frequented social workers. However, these visits have not been able to get him to finish school - he soon ran away from home with his girlfriend, but quickly returned to the fugitives. Later, he was diagnosed with depression and suicidal `naklonnosti`,he spent some time in a psychiatric hospital, and after taking antidepressants. At the time of the arrest of Damien he worked in roofing companies and preparing soon to become a father - his new girlfriend Tyre Domini (Domini Teer) was expecting a child.

So, since all three of them one way or another is the so -called `antisocial elementami`,that their police forces and detained as potential criminals.

So, all three were charged shortly, which, however, were not supported by any hard evidence.

All three teenagers guilty categorically acknowledged. However, on 5 February 1994, the court sentenced Jesse Misskelli to 40 years in prison on March 19 ,In 1994 he was sentenced Damien Echols - the death penalty, and Jason Baldwin received a life sentence.

New details and re-investigate the crime scenes occurred in 2007, when the accused young men held for nearly 13 years in prison. So, we presented new evidence which denied involvement Echols,Baldwin and Misskelli to perfect in the 1993 murder. Also in 2007, it was carried out DNA examination, and collected at the crime scene evidence - none of the evidence did not confirm the presence at the scene of at least one serving sentences of young people.

However, other details have been detected - in particular,particles with DNA elements stepfather one of the dead children.

Despite this, in 2008, it was denied a retrial. In particular, it rejected the Judge David Burnett (David Burnett). Soon, in the same 2008, the jury foreman held in 1994, the process affidavit said that the jury had been pressured by the judge during the trial. Only in November 2010, The Arkansas Supreme Court ordered a retrial. In addition, `sverhu` recommended and disqualify judges mistakenly pronounced the death sentence and life imprisonment and 40 years of life to people with unproven guilt.

Curiously, the innocent Echols, Baldwin and Misskelli, who served in jail for about 18 years, the court has not recognized.So, legally they are still guilty of the death of children, and all three are under `nakazaniem` delayed for 10 years.

History West Memphis triple over decade and a half of public interest, and sometimes anger. So, in support of the `West Memphis Three` were well-known musicians and actors, including the group` Metallica`.In their favor they wrote petitions and creating support funds.

However, the crime remains unsolved, and it is possible that the three young men still involved in this. But, Justice is based still on the proof of guilt or innocence, and in this case, convincing evidence of guilt Jesse Misskelli,Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin to provide and could not.

`History West Memphis troyki` has become the basis for a number of books, as well as for movies ` Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills` 1996 and `Paradise Lost 2 : Revelations`, released in 2000. Getting ready for the 2011 and the third part -`Paradise Lost 3 : Purgatory`.

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