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Year of birth : 1984

Age: 31 year

Place of Birth : Seattle, United States

Citizenship : United States


The assets of the group - more than 15 albums, dozens of singles and several collections, among them - `New West Motel` 1993 ,` Devil`s Road` 1996 ,`Nighttown` 97th ,` Shimmers` of 2003, `Acetylene` 2005.

`The Walkabouts` formed in Seattle (Seattle, Washington) in 1984.

Since its formation the group has become a kind of rarity, because in the mid-70s, and even in Seattle, the band just had to be a grunge band! However, `The Walkabouts` grunge nor ever played ,in spite of the time and place of his birth, and even (which does amazing!) , despite the contract with the label `Sub Pop`. And they played some strange folk, not like the music, chtoprivychno came out with the label `Sub Pop`; so, `The Walkabouts` NEgranzhevoy were the only group that the record company.

In general, `The Walkabouts` -This project is constantly changing musicians and two mandatory components - Ekman Chris (Chris Eckman) and Carla Torgerson (Carla Torgerson). They are often so called - `Chris & Carla`, although with them to work a fair amount of different musicians, among them Michael Wells (Michael Wells),Slyter Glenn (Glenn Slater) and Terry Moeller (Terri Moeller). By the way, alone Ekman as part of the project was visited by three - brothers Chris (team leader) , Kurt (Curt Eckman) and Grant (Grant Eckman).

Minon (EP) under the name of ` 22 Disasters` released in 1985, the year 1987 was marked by a mini ` Linda Evans / Cyclone`,a full-length album titled `See Beautiful Rattlesnake Gardens` was born in 1988. By the time the band already in full come and gone in young komanduneizmennymi remained only Chris and Carla. It is noteworthy that at the time Chris met Charles at the cannery, where he worked part time as a student. She was incredibly talented, has a surprisingly strong voice with a lot of overtones.

Their music record label described as ` Music of the people and for lyudey`, and many agreed that this characteristic is surprisingly true - music `The Walkabouts` really not designed for commercial suc

.does not pursue the goal of being a modern, it does not contain specific, designed for connoisseurs elements. Their music - a refined and somewhat melancholic folk-pop, which the musicians play is clearly his pleasure. Folk, jazz, blues, electronic- noyzovye unexpected elements - all this is not too fit into any single style.

Maybe,this is the secret of success of `The Walkabouts` - and not call them successful can not be, because, despite the absence of dizzying vzetov for more than 20 years on the musical horizon and they were not falling. The assets of the group - more than 15 albums, dozens of singles and several collections, among them - `New West Motel` 1993 ,` Devil`s Road` 1996 ,`Nighttown` 97th ,` Shimmers` of 2003, `Acetylene` 2005.

In addition, Chris and Karl are many involved in various side projects of other musicians. Among these experts such activity is considered to be the work exclusively and solely for the benefit of the Music

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