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Year of birth: 1959

Age: 56 years

Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan, USA

Citizenship: United States


`The Supremes` - American girl group that is considered to be the most successful women`s team of the 1960s.On the success of musicians girls from `The Supremes` compared with the legendary quartet` The Beatles`.

The group was founded in 1959 in Detroit, Michigan (Detroit, Michigan). Conceived as a quartet, staff was the original name of `The Primettes`; in the first part were Florence Ballard (Florence Ballard), Mary Wilson (Mary Wilson),Diana Ross (Diana Ross) and McGlone Betty (Betty McGlown). A year later, the starting lineup has changed, and Betty gave way McGlone Barbara Martin (Barbara Martin). At the same time the band changed its name to `The Supremes`, and soon signed a contract with` Motown`. Producers of the new team became Eddie Holland (Eddie Holland),Brian Holland (Brian Holland) and Lamont

Doze (Lamont Dozier).

However, the quartet team spent a short time - in early 1962 Barbara Martin left the group, and later the girl performed as a trio. The first group hit was the song `Where Did Our Love Go`, published in 1964, this was followed by no less well-known` Baby Love`,`My World Is Empty Without You`,` You Can`t Hurry Love`, `You Keep Me Hangin` On` and several others. The first album, recorded at the studio became `Meet The Supremes`. In 1964 -m came out two studio albums, and in 1965 has already gained popularity the girls recorded four records - `The Supremes Sing Country, Western and

Pop`,`We Remember Sam Cooke`,` More Hits by The Supremes` and a Christmas album `Merry Christmas`.

By the mid `60s the group has made a very big success; however, it was already evident, which is largely determined by the success of the talent of Diana Ross. By the way, she wanted Diane to do solo projects;precisely in order to keep her in the group, in 1967, the team received a new name - `Diana Ross & the Supremes`. By the way, in 1968, a team with an updated name also released four studio records - `Reflections`,` Diana Ross & the Supremes Sing and Perform `Funny Girl``,` Diana Ross & the Supremes Join The

Temptations` and `Love Child`.

In the 1967-year and took another staffing change - in place of a bygone Florence Ballard came Cindy Birdsong (Cindy Birdsong). However, Diana still left `The Supremes` three years, and in 1970

m came in her place Jean Terrell (Jean Terrell). Thus, from the original composition of the group was only one Mary Wilson.

In subsequent years,`The Supremes` released several hit singles, among which mention should be made` Up The Ladder To The Roof`, `Nathan Jones`,` Stoned Love`. Soon the group had gone Cindy Birdsong, to replace it in 1972, Linda Lawrence came (Lynda Lawrence).

Last hit single - `Floy Joy` - came in the same 1972. After that,the stability of the group was no longer - the group is constantly changing, the producers and that way experimented and tried to revive the former success of `The Supremes`, but the new girls did not manage to repeat the exploits of the former member.

The last album the women`s team became `High Energy` and` Mary, Scherrie & Susaye` in 1976. Officially the existence `The Supremes` ceased in 1977; Active groups were at that time a dozen studio LPs, `zhivyh` four albums and many compilations. In the early 19

80 dizzying success story of the group was the basis for the Broadway musical called `Dreamgirls`.

In 1988`The Supremes` were included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame).

In 2000, former participants, including Diana Ross, undertook a world tour a try, but the resounding success is still not forthcoming. But a film called `mechty` Girls (Dreamgirls), released in 2006the plot of which was built on the true story of the rise and fall of the group `The Supremes`, had really great success and received all major film awards, including the` Oscar`

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