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Year of birth : 1989

Age: 26 years

Citizenship : United States


`The Story` - American folk rock duo formed in 1989 by guitarist, singer and composer from Illinois (Illinois) Dzhonatoy Brook (Jonatha Brooke) and Jennifer Kimball (Jennifer Kimball), singer, guitarist and songwriter. In 1994, the duo broke up.

Folk-rock duo `The Story` consisted of Dzhonaty Brook and Jennifer Kimball, who met each other in 1981, when they were freshmen at Amherst College (Amherst College), located in Amherst, Massachusetts (Amherst, Massachusetts). They liked to play together ,and eloquently titled `Jonatha and Jennifer` girls continued to constantly act together in clubs and parties up to the college in the vicinity of Boston (Boston). Their songs in folk style is witty wordplay and perfect harmony, and they have already started to pay attention to the professional music critics ,notes the similarity of music Dzhonaty Brook and Jennifer Kimball with songs of Joni Mitchell (Joni Mitchell) and Paul Simon (Paul Simon). However, after the presentation of the diplomas they parted ways : Brooke got a job in a dance company, and Kimball went to make a career in the publishing company. In 1989, the duo reunited recorded demo song, called `Over Oceans`, and sent to different record labels. Very quickly, the girls signed a contract with the `Green Linnet Records`, an independent record label in Nashville, Tennessee (Nashville, Tennessee), who specialized in Celtic and folk music.`Jonatha and Jennifer` turned into ` The Story` and in 1991, ten years after his first meeting, released their debut studio album, `Grace in Gravity`, consisting of 11 tracks. Then promising female group intercepted the label `Elektra Records` and a year later reissued their album with the same track listing. Their next album ,`Angel in the House` (13 songs) , was released in 1993 and was awarded to be commended, but the story ended with the duo - a year later, in 1994, and Kimball Brook team broke up, they both began a solo career. Sophisticated, elegant, refined, harmonious - so wrote about `Angel in the House` criticismand the singers voice called divine and weightless.

While creativity `The Story` was warmly accepted and fans and critics, at the present time and Kimball Brook, engaged in solo projects, the duo played down importance to their careers.

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