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It all started when Jim Mathus and Katharine Whalen, insane two young artists left the Chapel HIll and went to Efland, NC in 1993. They rebuilt the old house of a farmer, poslelis there and all the time spent in the drawing ,distributions and the hearing of old jazz records.

It all started when Jim Mathus and Katharine Whalen, insane two young artists left the Chapel HIll and went to Efland, NC in 1993. They rebuilt the old house of a farmer, poslelis there and all the time spent in painting, crafts and listening to old jazz records. Jim practiced playing the guitar and learned to play the banjo Katharine. Vtihorya Katharine started singing to herself, sidyuchi in the car. Soon the Jim and Katharine fried chicken and invited friends to dinner, and at the same time `` play muzyku``.

First, they shared the company with the workers of the Democratic Party of St. Louis - Ken Mosher.Long before he appeared just with a bunch of weird sound effects, percussion Shris Phillips, adding comedic charm all companies. Then another relentless rok`n`rolschik, tusuyuschiysya around Shapel Hill was involved in `` ansambl``. Tom Maxwell,since he dropped out of his band What Peggy Wants to listen to jazz and early swing and delightfully told colleagues about Fats Waller, Sab Calloway, Lord Executor and The Growler. After some time, Maxwell to join a group.

So, after listening to big band jazz and swing bands, Squirrel Nut Zippers, a group of seven musicians, formed in Chapel Hill,North Carolina, USA, and in 1992, the beginning of all sorts of entertaining the audience, performing a mixture of swing, jazz and calypso. Their `` raspisanie`` performances included everything you can imagine : night clubs, festivals, weddings, sample wines and even fire brigade exercises. Called the name of old chewing aromatno-nut sweets (they are still available in Massachusetts), The Squirrel Nut Zippers made their debut in the bistro close to the most diverse audience Chapel Hill. The concert turned into a triumph and it could not continue to follow. The next evening, The Squirrel Nut Zippers had the most continued : Representatives Mammoth Recording Company in Carrboro, North Carolina have signed a contract with The Zippers. And after a few rehearsals, the debut album The Inevitable was recorded with producer Brian Paulson (Uncle Tupelo, Superchunk, Slint, Unrest,The Spinanes) during 9 days in Hillsborough, NC`s WaveCastle. Has sold a little less than 20,000 copies, included the song `Anything But Love`, which then hit the movie Ben Stiller - Flirting With Disaster, which was replayed Dr. John.

Since Inevitable Released in 1995The Squirrel Nut Zippers began its ascent in the modern music environment. They poyavilyalis on nat. Television (in Conan O`Brien) and at weddings millionaires. They were on przdnovanii America`s Independence Day and during festivals (Sundance). They are on the road 15 days a month, speaking to the happy, dancing ,mad listeners across the country`s south and east coast. At their concert at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco nearly started a dump because There were too many people.

Summer of 1996, Tom, Jim and Ken took leave and went to New Orleans. They drank, ate, walked around the city, enjoying its surroundings. The three of them paid a visit to Daniel Lanois` Kingsway Recording Studio and instantly imbued with this elegant studio. In October, the band stuck at Kingsway and started working on the recording of the album Hot. This time the gang went to work, as they have done their heroes alive once wrote on film.Working from noon to midnight for the 10 days they recorded an entire disk. `` We have all played live and immediately recorded on film. All vocals, horns, everything. The song `` Put a Lid On It`` was recorded with one microphone, not counting the rhythm sektsiyu`` - says Mathus - `` And Katharine recorded all vocals immediately, while the group igrala.``In November, a professional gardener and family man Je Widenhouse of Asheville, North Carolina join the band as a permanent blower. Je played with the original trumpet player zippers Stacey Guess in the group of the same Chapel Hill - Sex Police and continued to practice in jazz at his home in Asheville, when he was contacted guys. `` People go crazy when he plays. Therefore, we all had no choice `` -! James Mathus.

These days, The Squirrel Nut Zippers own pastime and enjoy each other`s company. `` Great thing in this whole group is a friendly competition that occurs between us - says Maxwell is -Jim taught himself to play the trombone, so, for example, I took up the clarinet to keep up with him. And when we all stand on the stage we are helping, `` prikryvaem`` each other if something goes wrong, and vice versa, are pushed ahead of the one who is particularly good at this point. There is some kind of unspoken agreement that if ,everyone is trying to make luchshe.``

Squirrel Nut Zippers, to revive the tradition of swing 30 years, is not going to break up, although there is the case with the composition situation is somewhat worse. Starting from 30 June from the group officially came Tom Maxwell, singer, songwriter, guitarist and saxophone player at the same time. A serious loss. The reason for leaving ,in the words of Maxwell`a it became not quarrel and creative differences, but simply the desire to do something else. In short, the parting was peaceful and kind. Unlike his ally Tom`a Katharine Whalen is not going to part with the Squirrel Nut Zippers despite the fact that she released her solo album a month ago,`` Katharine Whalen`s Jazz Squad``. By the way, I highly recommend to pay attention to this group. Long time no one could play retro music to sell so many albums. 3 million copies in America alone - this is no joke. And this, mind you, a real swing. What is there now in the court of millennium ?.

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