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Year of birth : 1995

Age: 20 years

Place of birth : Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Citizenship : United States

Songs from the grandfather`s closet

`The Spinto Band` - American indie rock and indie pop band formed in 1995, in Wilmington ,Delaware (Wilmington, Delaware).

The whole history of `The Spinto Band` filled with unusual events, coincidences and - you guessed it - a success that made them famous far beyond the borders of the United States (Unites States), but even in this success lies the extraordinary good fortune, without which ` The Spinto Band` Therefore couldstill be the usual group of not very musical Delaware. Start with the fact that `The Spinto Band` is probably the only group in the world, which included playing as much as two pairs of brothers : Hobson Joey (Joey Hobson) Jeff Hobson (Jeff Hobson), and Thomas Hadzhs (Thomas Hughes) with Hadzhsom Sam (Sam Hughes). Secondly,the reason for the creation of the group was not the desire of glory and international fame, but the accidental discovery of old texts of songs belonging to Roy spinto (Roy Spinto), grandfather Nick Krill (Nick Krill), front man of the future group that came up with the idea to write songs, to finish the job, started by their creator. Finally,in the early years of the band we were absolutely not familiar with the music industry, and therefore logically reasoned that for fame must constantly write new songs ; they completed this practice only when the accumulated order of 20 cassettes of 90 minutes each in their garage.

The initiator of the creation of `The Spinto Band` became Nick Krill ,I have found some texts of songs left over from his late grandfather, Roy spinto, which has been known Nick, interested in music in his youth. The idea to record songs written long before the birth of man from a completely different era, so deeply lodged in his mind that he soon shared his idea with his school friends - musicians. So, The founding year of the group `The Spinto Band`, which is easy to guess, took its name from the name of the author of the first songs was the 1995 th. Since that time the musicians were recording and writing new songs, confident that once the glory and fame and bring happiness to their small studio in one of the smallest US states. During the early years of the band musicians paid special attention to the new songs, but what was their surprise when, having in the bank dozens of songs, they are difficult to find a sufficient number of friends to give a concert. Occasionally producing short work on his own label `Spintonic label`,members of the group gradually began to give the group less and less time focusing on his life and study. Only in 2005, the year their album `Nice and Nicely Done`, recorded on the label ` Bar / None Records`, came to the attention of music titles that are with him have found a huge number of old group records. Suddenly `Nice and Nicely Done` became one of the most talked about albums

2005, which helped the group to sign a contract with the `Virgin UK` on plate reissue UK (United Kingdom) and in Europe (Europe). One of the songs from the album - `Oh, Mandy` - hit the soundtrack of the project ` Take-Away Shows` popular filmmaker Vincent Moon (Vincent Moon).

In 2008, the year gruppazaklyuchila contract with the label `Park the Van Records` and released their second studio album, ` Moonwink`. As an advertising plate musicians have recorded a series of humorous commercials, which were extremely popular in the video service YouTube. During the following years the participants `The Spinto Band` pleased fan

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