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Birthday : 07.06.1969 year

Age: 46 years

Birthplace : Brooklyn, New York, USA

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Robert Diggz

Original name: Robert Diggs


American music original producer, rapper, actor and businessman.

This sound RZA quite dirty, with a piercing bit, dampness, but, nevertheless, always recognizable.

The owner of the label "Razor Sharp Records".

He is known by a whole galaxy of nicknames : Bobby Digital, Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig Allah, The Rzarector, Bobby Steels,The Abbot and Prince Rakeem.

Robert Diggs, best known as RZA, born July 5, 1969 in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

He - an outstanding figure of the hip- hop musical space, the charismatic leader of the hip- hop group "Wu-Tang Clan" and producer of almost all the album, sets the solo "Wu-Tang Clan " and projects assigned to him.

Later Diggs received extra attention, becoming a movie actor.

He released his albums under the alter-ego Bobby Digital (Bobby Digital) , a nickname Diggs gave that part of yourself that is only interested in their satisfaction of male fantasy, taking the better of him : women, drugs ,alcohol and firearms. In addition to working with "Wu-Tang Clan" and his solo career, RZA has become one of the founders of the rap group "Gravediggaz", which took him another nickname - The Rzarector (from "Resurrector", awakening the dead mind) . Heavy sound,texts on violence and otherworldly doom - that can be described as a new RZA project.

Following the recent release of the album "Digi Snacks" (represented by Bobby Digital) , RZA began to work on a sequel to their debut album "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. .." frame mafia Raekwon (member of the group "Wu-Tang Clan"). He also confirmedwhich will be co-produced all the expected track for the producer and rapper Dr. Dre for his album "Detox".


In 2003 RZA made in Riga ; literally step remained to Russia. The following year, he crossed the Russian border, which led to an enchanting delight fans of hip - hop clan and connoisseurs solo works RZA. The frame appeared in the capital ,and the St. Petersburg area. Perhaps, for the Russian history of hip hop it has become one of the main events.


1969-1991 gg.

RZA spent his childhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In those years, his life except poor will not name. Being in a family of 11 children, RZA began his hip hop career in the late 1980 `s and early 1990x as a member of a trio "Force of the Imperial Master" (which later became known as the "All in Together Now Crew"). The group consisted of members of the future "Wu-Tang", cousins hip- hop artists GZA (known as the Genius) and Russell Tyrone Jones (stage name Ol` Dirty Bastard).

Once this local band broke up ,GZA and he tried to start his solo career. With Melquan (at that time he owned the label "Jamaica Records"), another GZA, both the beginners hip- hop career Man signed contracts for release of the album with successful labels, GZA went to "Cold Chillin", and RZA in the cult "Tommy Boy ".

GZA released the album "Words from the Genius",RZA but could only release EP- album, "Ooh I Love You Rakeem", followed by the release of thunder in jail, and the GZA album fiasco.

During his youth he loved RZA watch movies about kung fu and buy countless albums, tracks, many of which will be later used them as samples. "Initially, Ol `Dirty Bastard and I always watched movies about kung fu in the movie theater, forgetting about the theater, and then themselves ustaivayte fighting kung fu came on the train and continued their fight to the music. .. so we used to spend a weekend. When we were able to afford a VCR, we got all the kung fu movies that were only able to get it ,and watched them 3 or 4 days. We stupidly smoking, drinking beer, watching movies and doing demos. .. I still do bits of songs, doing the work of a DJ and have sex under the kung fu movies. I`m still the same child, that all this is for the soul. "

In 1992-1993.

"Wu-Tang Clan" (36 members)

The name "Wu-Tang Clan" appeared after viewing kung-Fu " Shaolin " and "Wu Tang" films. Hip - hop clan was created by GZA and Ol` Dirty Bastard, and a further 6 people : Inspectah Deck (Rebel INS), Raekwon the Chef, Method Man, Masta Killa, U-God (Golden Arms) and Ghostface Killah.

After a single "Protect Ya Neck", which was responsible for RZA bit underground band became a sensation. "Wu-Tang Clan " released their debut album " Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) ", which became a " platinum ", and hip- hop fans declared it a classic of the genre. "Enter the Wu-Tang" became a revolutionary hip-hop, and undoubtedly helped the rap scene, largely thanks to RZA, with its unusual style production.

Of 1994-1996. Each member of the clan sooner or later, trying to get a solo. RZA continued to "Wu-Tang Clan" in the period of 1994-1996. He wrote the music and made arrangements of instrumental tracks, and also engaged in producing on the stage, for example, followed the concept of speeches themselves. However, its activities are aimed at the prosperity of the clan,in a book in 2004 "Wu-Tang Manual book" is described as a dictatorship. But the albums of this period are highly appreciated by critics and hip-hop enthusiasts.

At the same time, RZA has created the so-called hip-hop subgenre, horror -core, side-project "Gravediggaz": Frukwan (from the group "Stetsasonic"), Too Poetic (from "Brothers Grym") and Prince Paul.In the ranks of the group "Gravediggaz" RZA took his stage name RZArecta.


Album "Wu-Tang Forever" (2 CD) has experienced extraordinary success. He became the first in the charts after 600,000 copies in just the first week since the release has been sold. RZA said that his " five-year plan " came to an end. The fact that the RZA promised the group to become a hiphop collective international renown for five years, if the clan will be under his total control the whole time.

After the success of the dictatorship of the RZA album was sleeping, he gave full freedom to each member of the group, knowing that so "Wu-Tang Clan" will be able to expand even more, and the hip-hop industry factory will only benefit. The number of music production clan over the next two years, promised to increase enormously.

Of 1998-1999.

During the period of 1998-2000 `s. RZA has decided to stop producing solo albums "Wu-Tang". He spent the musical reform "Gravediggaz", released the album "The Pick, the Sickle and the Shovel", which the material became more calm and mature ,if we compare it with the debut of horror -core direction.

At the same time, RZA began work on his two solo albums, called "The Cure" and "RZA as Bobby Digital in Stereo". Although the first out "RZA as Bobby Digital in Stereo" in 1998, RZA ironically said that initially wanted to release "The Cure"."RZA as Bobby Digital in Stereo" became an excellent experimental concept album where RZA revealed his side, toward the merry Bobby Digital. The frame felt hedonic index, the winds of change, and released the album in advance, receiving generally favorable reviews.

RZA saidthe album "The Cure" to date has not yet been published and is not recorded in full and the music is undergoing a development that will continue in the new millennium. This, as we now say, is the final solo album. ..

Mixtape, known as the "Formula For The Cure", was collected and published Dredd Krueger, without obtaining the approval and consent of the RZA. "Formula For The Cure" was supposed to be a sort of prequel to the final solo album.


RZA has become the producer of the album "The W" group "Wu-Tang", and also participated in the release of greatest hits compilations, titled "The RZA Hits", and "Digital Bullet" in 2001, where RZA again presented his alter-ego Bobby Digital.

In 2001-2004.

In 1999 g.RZA started composing the work - became pisatmuzyku for the movie. His first work - a film in 1999, " Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai ," directed by Jim Jarmusch, for which the frame was a decent portion of the praise. RZA in a cameo role in the film was lit like a samurai in camouflage.

Critics responded favorably on the soundtracks to the " Psu-ghost ", which is partly influenced subsequent work RZA. The frame was the author and producer of original music for the film Quentin Tarantino`s "Kill Bill" and for "Blade 3 : Trinity" films and " Soul Plane. "

RZA has been nominated for four different awards for his work on the soundtrack for the film " Kill Bill" ; he won one of them. In early 2003, he became a music producer of several tracks for "The Mindscape of Alan Moore" documentary. His third solo album, titled "Birth of a Prince", and the single "We Pop" came out in 2003. . The album tracks were presented carefree Bobby Digital and more lyrical and intellectual RZA tracks. In the same year, the release of the joint work with international benchmarks and R & B musicians, called "The World According to RZA". The compilation has been successful in many countries, but not sold in the United States.

From 2005

In 2005 RZA published the book "Wu-Tang Manual", which were numerous discussions on the merits ,weaknesses and the philosophy of the clan "Wu-Tang". RZA continued to appear in films and writing soundtracks. He starred as Winston Boyko in the thriller Michael Hafstrema "Derailed " and became a composer and producer Lawrence Page`s drama "Blood of a Champion". RZA also worked on the bonus tracks for the movie Jet Li "Unleashed".

In 2006RZA participated in the work on the creation of the last album of rapper Method Man, "4:21. .. the Day After", becoming an executive producer on the project.

At the end of January 2007 RZA said that he began work on his fourth solo album, tentatively titled "Digi Snacks",which again it will be presented musical material worldview Bobby Digital. The album release will take place June 24, 2008 The first single "You Can`t Stop Me Now" was released in March 2008,

RZA also said that the album "The Cure" will be the final solo album ,because he is going to finish career in music and become a film director.

Before you sign a contract with "SRC Records" in early 2007, RZA was drowning in offers from the "Bad Boy Records", "Aftermath Records", "Interscope" and "Def Jam", who want to get supergroup "Wu-Tang Clan" to his label. Currently, RZA is working with Raekwon on his fourth solo album, "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx I". RZA is working together with guitarist "Red Hot Chili Peppers", John Frusciante, and creates a set of writing an album of hip - hop duo "Cannibal Ox" along with hip- hop DJ Pete Rock and El-P.Negotiations between bassist "System of a Down" and RZA on cooperation in the project "ACHOZEN". In an interview with RZA he said that would be a project participant.


RZA has always distinguished the fact that he has long remained a hip-hop pioneer and indulged in experiments. So, it should be said about his solo career ,the tracks with its unformatted records are full of sound, a kind of unexpected surprise Fills ; Deliberately loops, made with attractive negligence ; They even brought in a special way.


Once RZA was married and believed that he would have many children.

RZA has adopted some aspects of Buddhist teachings, Taoism and Christianity ,to expand the boundaries of their spiritual formation.

His main hobby - it`s watching kung fu movies, playing chess (he was champion of the chess federation chi- hop) . He has been practicing kung fu and adheres to veganism.

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