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Year of birth : 1989

Age: 26 years

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship : United StatesWho wrote the soundtrack for the TV series Friends ?

All lovers of the popular comedy series ` Druzya` (` Friends`) is well known for the song `I`ll Be There for You`, which during the years of the series on the air became his trademark. Few, however, know that this song is recorded group `The Rembrandts`, who recorded many more hits ,gained fame as a television thanks to the series, and thanks to their performances in the music scene. But exactly how the band was formed ? What connections are musicians with a team called the `Great Buildings`? And what plans have musicians today?

`The Rembrandts` - a popular American pop -rock and soft- rock band ,Founded in 1989 in Los Angeles, California (Los Angeles, California). Today, the group consists of only two musicians : Danny Wilde (Danny Wilde) and Phil Solem (Phil Solem), but in the first years after the founding of live performances of musicians accompanied by session musicians, which, however ,never become members of the group and co-authors of songs.

The history of the group can be divided into two periods : before the collapse in 1997, and after the reunification in 2000. Over the years, the group stage only once changed its name : the musicians began their career in a group called

`Great Buildings`, but decided in due course ,that the name `The Rembrandts` sounds more interesting and more memorable audience. In total, the group has released seven studio albums and about a dozen singles, which often fell into the largest American and international charts.

Even before the foundation `The Rembrandts` in 1989-year future participants were well known to the American scene : so, for example, Danny Wilde was involved in the project `The Quick`, as well as in the middle and late 1980`s presented to the public a number of popular solo albums. Together with Phil Solemom he acted in a commercially - successful project `Great Buildings`, which, however ,amerikanskoymuzyki entered the history of their debut - and, as time has shown, - the only album. Soon after the formation of `The Rembrandts` musicians set to work : both the musicians in the treasury were songs that were not suitable for other projects, but fell into the style of the new team. Already the first songs were recorded in the first months ,and most of these musicians recorded in the home studio Wilde. Many of the early works found their way to the self-titled debut album of 1990 - `The Rembrandts`. The album became a uniquely successful : in the United States it took the 88th place in the charts in Australia (Australia) she reached the 23 position ,and the charts of Sweden (Sweden) stopped at the 43 spot. One of the songs from the album, `Just the Way It Is, Baby`, became a hit in the US and got to 14 position in the hit parade of singles from ` Billboard`.

The group`s second album, `Untitled`, remember the fans with songs like ` Johnny, Have You Seen Her? ` And ` Chase the Clouds Away`, as well as the composition of `Dumb and Dumber`, Which was included in the soundtrack of the film ` Dumb and tupee` (Dumb and Dumber).

Of course, a major hit group was the single `I`ll Be There for You`, recorded in 1994, the year for the series ` Druzya` and presented as a separate edition in 1995. The composition immediately topped the charts in the US and the world, becoming for some time, as remembered by many,` The most annoying song on radio` - I heard it literally anywhere. Soon, she was included in the official CD with the soundtrack to the TV series, `Friends Soundtrack`.

In 1997, the group disbanded. Phil returned to Minneapolis to work with a group of `Thrush`, and Danny Wilde recorded the album ` Spin This`,which includes some unreleased work `The Rembrandts`. Fortunately, three years later, in 2000, the year, the band reunited and revived a joint project `The Rembrandts`. One year later, the album `Lost Together` was released, received good reviews from critics. In 2005, he appeared on the shelves of the album `Choice Picks`, and after a few months -a collection of the best songs of the group, `Greatest Hits`.

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