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Year of birth : 1970

Age: 45 years

Place of Birth : Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Citizenship : United States

Hit 1970 "Go All the Way" sounded in the " Guardians of the Galaxy "

Service `Allmusic`, describing popular in the 1970s, a group ` Raspberries`, emphasized its ` elegantly fashioned melodies and painfully gorgeous garmonii`. How long I existed `Raspberries`? What an extraordinary scenic image `Raspberries` girls attracted hippies and warps the media? And what binds the group with fantastic action ` Guardians Galaktiki` ?

Group `Raspberries` was knocked together from the two most popular teams in Cleveland late 1960s ,` The Choir` and `Cyrus Erie`.Although the team `The Choir` available was a hit and a few singles, the band ` Cyrus Erie`, created by brothers Bob and Michael, and McBride, became noticeable after the first, in 1967, it was joined by Eric Carmen (Eric Carmen). Karmen was able to convince Wally Bryson (Wally Bryson), recently quit `The Choir`, to join him. The team `Cyrus Erie`, mostly played covers. He signed a contract with the label `Epic Records` and recorded a single. Then Bryson returned to the band `The Choir`, and ` Cyrus Erie` disintegrated. In 1970, Carmen and Jim Bonfanti (Jim Bonfanti) want to assemble a new team, and in the original composition born group `Raspberries` came Eric, who was responsible for the vocals, Rhythm guitar and piano ; Bonfanti drummer, vocalist and lead guitarist Bryson and bassist John Aleksic (John Aleksic).

Aleksic left the band in late 1970, and in 1971 appeared as a part of lead singer and rhythm guitarist Dave Smalley (Dave Smalley), who had just returned from Vietnam (Vietnam). After castling Carmen became responsible for the bass guitar. The demo group `Raspberries` reached Iennera producer Jimmy (Jimmy Ienner), which previously Carmen worked in the recording studio. After the war offerings between major labels `Raspberries` team signed a contract with the company ` Capitol Records`.

Group `Raspberries` chosen for his image ` suits igolochki`. The guys went on stage in identical tuxedos and men preferred option haircut ` pazh`. This image, which, in the words of Carmen, ` complements stil` music, liked girls hippie. However, he also evoked scorn from some influential media, which determined that it does not ` kruto`.

Release `Go All the Way` reached in October 1972th 5 th place in the US charts and sold in excess of one million copies. After castling, the band recorded another album `Raspberries` and ` Fresh`. The third disc, ` 3` Side, born in 1973, and in sound was more ` syroy` and aggressive than the previous material. Then the group left Smalley and Bonfanti after him. They were replaced by bassist Skototom McCarl and ex - drummer `Cyrus Erie`, Michael McBride. After it was recorded the fourth and latest album, `Starting Over`, released September 16, 1974 - th.

The band broke up in April 1975, but her powerful influence on other musical team for a long time made itself felt. For example,Bruce Springsteen (Bruce Springsteen) praised `Raspberries` during several concerts in their summer tour of 2005. His drummer Max Weinberg (Max Weinberg), said that the foundation of his style he helped lay the period when the drums in a band played `Raspberries` Michael McBride ,and this is especially felt on the fourth album Springsteen `Darkness on the Edge of Town`. Paul Stanley (Paul Stanley) from the group `Kiss`, Tom Petty (Tom Petty) and Axl Rose (Axl Rose) from the command ` Guns n` Roses` also said that the group `Raspberries` had an impact on their songs.

The most symbolic composition of the group `Raspberries`,` Go All the Way`,It attracted a lot of attention in 2014, when it was included in kinovselennuyu `Marvel`, in the film ` Guardians Galaktiki` (`Guardians of the Galaxy`). Newspaper `The Albany Democrat-Herald`, where the positive review was printed on the film, said that it was very crazy and fun to hear how the composition ` Raspberries` sounds in space ,which discloses the entire vocal range Eric Carmen.

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